In honor of my 200th blog post….

….I’ll share 200 divided by 2 things I did over the long Easter weekend.

  1. Left the office early, per my boss’ direction.
  2. Listened to a podcast during my commute (my new favorite driving activity).
  3. Kicked my shoes off.
  4. Grinned at the prospect of a 3 day weekend ahead of me.
  5. Received 4 pieces of personal mail in one day. That’s a rarity.
  6. Snacked on wasabi peas.
  7. Rode my bike for the first time this year.
  8. Stopped by Midtown Bikes for a quick tire fill up.
  9. Checked out Central BBQ’s soon-to-be downtown location.
  10. Discovered Martyrs Park.
  11. Admired the view.
  12. Vowed to ride more.
  13. Listened to a Mark Driscoll sermon about the crucifixion.
  14. Talked God.
  15. Made dinner plans with friends for later in the week.
  16. Finished watching Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban.
  17. Went to sleep early.
  18. Purposely did not set an alarm.
  19. Slept until 8:40am, which is practically unheard of in my world.
  20. Ate breakfast in bed.
  21. Sorted and stowed my winter clothes.
  22. Listened to Ryan Bingham’s Junky Star album.
  23. Followed that up with Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky.
  24. Rediscovered my Vibrams.
  25. Wore them while I spring cleaned.
  26. Ran a couple of miles outside (sans Vibrams).
  27. Smiled at the sunshine.
  28. Completed three loads of laundry.
  29. Folded said laundry.
  30. And even put it away! (It was a productive day.)
  31. Scrubbed the bathtub with a grapefruit. Really.
  32. Painted my toenails.
  33. Went on a date with the man of my dreams.
  34. Cheered the Grizzlies to a sweet victory.
  35. Connected with friends.
  36. Strummed my guitar.
  37. Sang along while my much more talented friend played actual songs on the guitar.
  38. Listened to records.
  39. Practiced yoga with Allison.
  40. Picked up litter on the sidewalk.
  41. Meandered around the Farmer’s Market.
  42. Purchased bright red tomatoes and brown jasmine rice.
  43. Admired the beautiful flower bouquets.
  44. Ate a veggie burrito from the Fuel food truck.
  45. And a couple bites of Jax’s BBQ nachos.
  46. Wished I had more time to listen to Star & Micey’s performance.
  47. Met up with Kim for our scavenger hunt race.
  48. Participated in the Urban Dare.
  49. Dissected and mapped random clues.
  50. Ran to Sun Studio.
  51. And 6.5 miles of the greater downtown area.
  52. Fantasized about cheesecake.
  53. Hit up Trolley Stop Market in desperate need of hydration.
  54. Took a picture in front of the Fire Museum.
  55. And various other downtown establishments.
  56. Completed the Dare in ~2 hours.
  57. Piddled around guiltlessly.
  58. Discovered the most convenient secret parking area at the Levitt Shell.
  59. Watched live music.
  60. Had picnic sandwiches.
  61. Cuddled on a blanket.
  62. Engaged in beautiful conversation.
  63. Sang hymns.
  64. Worshiped my Savior.
  65. Thanked God for this life.
  66. Met up with my favorite lady in Nashville.
  67. Talked my face off.
  68. Discussed life plans.
  69. Ate seared sea scallops.
  70. Celebrated another Grizzlies victory.
  71. Daydreamed about our upcoming vacation to Denver.
  72. Shared recipes.
  73. Caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in way too long.
  74. Donned my Easter dress.
  75. Attended church.
  76. Passed out hugs to the family.
  77. Absorbed the message.
  78. Shed some tears.
  79. Celebrated Christ’s resurrection.
  80. Made dinner/Grizzlies plans with my fam for Monday.
  81. Wished my Little a Happy Easter.
  82. Visited with Jax’s family.
  83. Feasted on a most delicious lunch.
  84. Followed by delectable dessert.
  85. Considered a second round of dessert but somehow restrained myself.
  86. Hid Easter Eggs for eager children.
  87. Watched sweet kiddies search for Easter Eggs.
  88. Multiple times.
  89. Invited my cousin to go rock climbing next weekend.
  90. Received confirmation that he is down.
  91. Watched the last three holes of the Masters.
  92. Took a brief, comfy snooze.
  93. Woke up as Bubba Watson won the title.
  94. Drank some hot tea in an oversized mug.
  95. Ate a couple pieces of chocolate for dinner.
  96. Watched the 4th Harry Potter movie.
  97. Said my prayers.
  98. Reminisced over what a simple, lovely weekend I had.
  99. Called it a night.
  100. Slept tight. And didn’t let the bed bugs bite.

2 thoughts on “200

  1. Aunt Pam says:

    I LOVE reading your blogs. You have a REAL talent for keeping the reader hanging on until your next word/sentence. AND, since I’m in the journalism field, I think that gives you 2 thumbs up! Loved that you could spend time w/us on Easter. Aunt P.

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