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February Taught Me

  1. At long last, Grand Canyon National Park has banned disposable bottled water.
  2. I have three different kinds of peanut butter in my desk drawer. This is getting a little ridiculous.
  3. I need to learn how to play the fiddle.
  4. You should check out Marcel the Shell on YouTube if you haven’t already.
  5. Not everybody prefers crushed ice to cubed ice. This baffles me, but it seems to be so.
  6. I’m very fond of Game Flow charts.
  7. Watching a concert from a cave 333 feet underground is undoubtedly one of the coolest places ever to watch a show. 
  8. Hotel fitness centers really should open more than an hour before check out time. Duh.
  9. Leap Day is the 60th day of the year.
  10. The Civil Wars are ridiculously talented, and they do the most excellent rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”.

Draw a Stickman

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining brightly, and you need to draw a stick figure.

Say what?

Draw a stickman. Click here to make sense of this madness and join in on the fun.

C’mon, just do it.  


This Little Light of Mine

I have something to confess. I’ve been avoiding my blog. It hasn’t been intentional, and I am only just now realizing it. And I think I know why.

My life is so wonderful.

That probably doesn’t sound like a good reason to avoid writing to an audience, but hear me out.

My life is so wonderful, in fact, that I feel guilty about it. Guilty to the point that I haven’t wanted to share the good stuff. I know that sounds odd, and I’m just now finding words to pinpoint this feeling. I watch people around me struggling with various deep and real hurts, both close friends and the world at large, and it makes me feel guilty for how blessed I am. One of my spiritual gifts is that of mercy – being sensitive toward those who are suffering, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, so as to feel genuine sympathy with their misery, speaking words of compassion but more so caring for them with deeds of love to help alleviate their distress. Acting in this capacity – listening, comforting, encouraging, and empathizing – is one of my greatest joys.

In this world full of pain, I can’t help but wonder why I’ve been given this bounty of blessing. But then I am reminded that I have walked through heartaches in the past, and that I’m allowed – called, even – to be thankful for the place that I am in now. We are each on our own journey, and there’s no reason to feel lacking if mine doesn’t look like yours. Life naturally ebbs and flows with both favorable and unfavorable seasons, and maybe God put me in this place of gratitude so that I can minister to the bruised and tender spots on others. I am blessed so that I might be a blessing to those around me.

God gave me this epiphany last night – he wants me to be joyful. In fact, it is a gift from Him, one of the very fruits of Christian life. I don’t have to stifle my joy. No need to minimize it for fear of disrespecting the tough circumstances around me. The same way I can use my painful experiences to relate to others, I can use my joy to point to God and His goodness. I have much to be thankful for, and I can openly thank Him for it. He doesn’t want me to dim my light, He wants me to shine it brightly for the whole world to see.

I am renewed by His words of encouragement, for this reminder to not be ashamed of the good times, but to rejoice as they occur. Amen and amen.

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A Word About Valentine’s Day

Single people love to hate it. Those in relationships love to plaster it all over their chosen social media outlets. But the fact of the matter is, Valentine’s Day is a man-made “holiday” designed to increase greeting card sales during the first quarter lull. It’s a force-fed occasion that makes us all act a little crazy, and I wish everybody would just get a grip and realize that today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow, and it’s not our actions on this one specific day that define us, but our actions over a series of consecutive days that create our humanity.

Men feel they must attain some incredible showcase of undying love or else risk disappointing their woman, who has usually built up this elaborate expectation in her head and will be let down by anything less than a dozen red roses, a scavenger hunt, and a romantic (read: expensive) dinner, topped off by a surprise gift. Single ladies either drown their self-pity in 35 pieces of heart-shaped chocolates and discussion over how despicable men are, or they buff up their defense mechanisms and act as though Valentine’s Day is the most abominable day that ever existed and that it is positively liberating to be unattached for such a detestable event.

Everybody just needs to relax. Why let a day with such a synthetic, unemotional origination have the power to evoke such strong feelings, one way or the other?

Sure, February 14th is a fine day to give your sweetheart a little something special, but so is February 15th, and next Tuesday, and the last day of the month. Valentine’s Day should not be a litmus test for how happy and healthy your relationship is or an indicator of your worth as a human being, so stop putting so much expectation on it. We don’t live and die by Valentine’s Day, people. If you need society to appoint a predetermined day for you to express your love or to validate your emotional needs, then there are bigger issues at hand.

Valentine’s Day isn’t some kind of magical balm, nor is it the definition of love. Love is a good thing (the best thing), this I don’t deny. I’m just afraid Valentine’s Day, along with silly pop songs and ridiculous romantic movies that wrap into neat little packages, have distorted our perception of love into this unnatural obsession with hearts and flowers and flaunting it all for the world to see, and somehow we mistakenly get our identities all knotted up in it, and it ends up becoming a whole different thing altogether.

And that is how I feel about that.


This is What Winning Looks Like

It’s Monday, and sometimes Mondays require a little something extra. If you are in need of a motivating spark to get you going this morning, watch this video and be amazed.


My pastor shared this stunning display of athleticism in church yesterday as an example of continuing to fight the good fight and not being defined by our failures. A picture of faltering, dusting oneself off, and forging ahead. A portrayal of determination, of dedication, and of a refusal to give up.

I had goosebumps during the race, and tears by the end of it.

Now go show your Monday who’s boss!


January Taught Me

  1. We Bought a Zoo is such a sweet movie. The soundtrack isn’t too shabby either.
  2. Sometimes you just can’t do it all.
  3. The first time the word love is mentioned in the Bible, it tells of how much Abraham loves his son Isaac.
  4. I do not like chevron patterns. They just don’t do it for me.
  5. Pinterest is a black hole and has very nearly taken over my life.
  6. I officially won my NFL Pick ’em Pool. Victory is mine!
  7. There is no such thing as too many blueberries in your cereal.
  8. I greatly dislike signing my name several consecutive times in a row. I put too much thought into it, and things get sloppy.
  9. I never know the answer when people ask how tall I am. Now I do. I am 5’5.5″.
  10. Tying Figure-eight knots makes me happy.