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Jungle Canopy Tour

Post surfing and briefly relaxing in the sunshine, Mere and I went on the most thrilling ziplining tour known to man. You may recall that I recently went ziplining in Nashville, but that in no way came close to preparing me for this adventure. There were eight ziplines stretched throughout the jungle, and they were INTENSE. As in, legitimate concern for your well-being intense. The foliage was lush, the platforms were dangerously high, and our guides (Eddy and Andy) were charming and ensured our survival. Here we are enjoying some of the less life-threatening zips:

Then, things got a little crazy. On one of the lines, we zoomed through the air superman style, which was both ultra-terrifying and exhilarating. After that, we climbed to our next line…

… and ziplined UPSIDE DOWN:

Note: I realize that I am sweating profusely, but cut me a little slack here: I’m in the depths of the jungle, it is hot, and I just saw my life flash before my eyes. Given the circumstances, you would probably be sweating too. At one point, the zipline stretched across a river that we touched with our hands, practically dipping our heads under in the process.

My emotions ranged from giddiness to terror to liberation to exhileration and everything in between. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I hope you get the chance to do something like this in your lifetime, it’ll make you feel like you can conquer the world!


Ziplining Through the Trees

While in Nashville last weekend, Jax and I went on a zipline canopy tour, kind of as a birthday treat, kind of because we thought it sounded cool, but regardless of the occasion, it was awesome. Neither of us had done anything like this before, nor did we have any friends who were aware of this excursion site, so we had no idea what to expect. Being the adventurers that we are, we decided to check it out and report back for all of those interested in participating in a completely random and unique activity.

We drove about 20 minutes outside the city and eventually made our way to Kingston Springs, where we climbed obscure dusty roads, eventually stopping at Adventureworks, located amidst 40 acres of wooded hills nestled in a scenic bend of the Harpeth River.

We ended up being the only people there, which worked to our major advantage (no waiting, one-on-one instructor time, and a round two), so it was just us and our awesome  guide making our way through the zipline course. We suited up in safety harnesses and helmets and were given brief instruction on how to connect the pulley device to the steel support cables and make a graceful landing, and then it was time to hit the course.

The first two zips are considered bunny slopes, just to help you get a feel for it all. During my first couple runs, I gripped the rope tightly as I swung across, feeling as though it might provided some sense of safety, but after I became more comfortable with zooming through the sky, I let go and enjoyed the feeling of weightlessness. As we moved through the course, the ziplines hung higher (up to 85 feet from the forest floor) and longer (roughly 650 feet), were faster, and required climbing ladders and jumping from raised platforms. They even had a tandem zipline, where Jax and I got to fly across the forest together. The tour includes 10 zip lines varying in length and height and requires a little hiking in between each. Because we had the place to ourselves, and because we didn’t join the dirty pants club (initiation through messy landings), our guide let us go through twice. Bonus! While traveling at a speed of 25 to 30 miles per hour off the ground with little support is both exhilarating and breathtaking, it does not make for easy picture taking. I’ve included a few, but they really don’t do the whole experience justice.

We loved the adrenaline rush and laughed through the whole thing. I’m sure it’s not comparable to ziplining in more exotic locations, but if you’re looking for fun in Tennessee, I suggest you give it a whirl. If you want more details, I’ve got them, just ask!

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