Mel in a Nutshell

Reflect. Dream. Share. Amuse. Think. Inspire. Educate. Muse. Ponder. Motivate. Analyze. Create. Contemplate. Reminisce. Learn. Grow. Equivocate. These are my reasons for writing.

I’m 31 years young, a follower of Christ, a seeker of Truth, a lover of life, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, a professional, a volunteer, a feeler, a blood donor, a Big Sister, a learner, a traveler, a dreamer, a runner, an adventurer, and a hundred other things. My glass is half full (fuller, actually). I am deeply passionate about people, I am relational to the core. More important than any success or possession, I have a heart that yearns to change lives and bring people smiles; I find true joy in being involved in the lives of those around me. My God, family, and friends are my reason for being.

I am a playful thing, and inquisitive, and full of thought. I am told I have too much energy for my own good. I love adventures of all sorts. I like exploring. I have wanderlust and want to experience every crevice of this beautiful world. I seek every opportunity to learn or do something new, to expand and challenge myself in some way. I am always up for fun, always ready to play. I love spontaneity and am a firm believer in seizing the day, every day. More than ever, I am discovering how quickly our days fly by, and how crucial it is to soak up every ounce of joy in them. And, more importantly, to share it.

What do you think?

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