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What I’m Loving Wednesday

I’ve been shirking my regular Wednesday post, leaving your lives empty and void of all the great things I’ve been enjoying over the past several weeks. And I feel really bad about it. Turns out leaving town for nine days and then returning just in time for the busiest month of the year does not bode well for those of us trying to squeeze in an extra few seconds for blogging. Today, amidst my lengthy to do list, I am carving out a sliver of time to share some of my latest goings-ons.

There’s so much to say, I don’t know where to begin.

I am loving that I have all but completed my Christmas shopping and wrapping for the year. I realize that it’s approaching crunch time and pretty much everybody has reached this point (or if they haven’t, they’d better get there soon), but I still relish in the personal accomplishment. It’s a true test of how much shopping, planning, and creating one can squeeze into a limited amount of lunch breaks, and it looks like I’ve passed the test.

I am loving the Memphis Tigers. Always have, always will, but there’s something about watching them from directly behind the bench in a small gym in Maui that made me feel that much closer to the team. We were so close to the action that I couldn’t help with empathize with the guys. Every facial expression, every footstep, every aggressive play took on more weight. It felt personal. We cheered for them by name, we made eye contact, and we became best friends. Ok, so maybe not that last part.

I am beginning to love my new iPhone 4, an early Christmas present from the parents. At first I was more frustrated with it than anything: How are you supposed to type on this tiny keypad? What’s my Apple ID? How do you make a simple phone call on this thing? What in the world is iChat? How do you close anything? But now, after several days of practice and exposure, I’m starting to get more comfortable with the device, and I’ve actually discovered a lot of nifty uses for it. It really is pretty amazing. And if you have any tips, suggestions, tutorials, or app suggestions, please feel free to send them my way.

I am loving scarves. I’ve always been attracted to them, I’ve just never really mastered the art of how to wear them. But those days are behind me, my friends. This year, I promised myself that I will not be miserably cold all winter long, as is normally the case, and that I would make good use of all that cozy winter wear I own. So far, it’s working out quite warm and toastily for me.

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I love my coworkers. And their spouses. I really am blessed to be part of such a great team. We recently had our annual Christmas dinner at Ruth’s Chris, and I always leave feeling so warm and fuzzy (and stuffed). Not only is the meal mouth-wateringly amazing, but the friendly chatter around the table is a pleasant reminder of why my job rocks.

There’s more, so much more. But we’ll save that for next week.

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Tigers vs. Lucero

Based on the lack of traffic this morning, I think it’s safe to assume that I’m one of the few Memphians working today. But I’m unphased by this because tonight, my friends, tonight my Tigers play their biggest home game of the season AND my favorite band will be rocking the stage at Minglewood Hall. Win, win (we hope).

For several weeks, this scheduling conflict has caused much inner turmoil and wavering: Why oh why do they have to be on the same day? Which event shall I choose? How can I possibly miss the Georgetown game, to which I already have tickets? And yes, I’ve seen Lucero upwards of 50 times, but that doesn’t change how much I need to be at this show. And Cory Branan is opening; it’s been months since I’ve seen him.

Oh, the dilemma.

But now, I am simply choosing to embrace it. This night is too good and too full of possibility to approach it any other way. Although I will most likely be missing Cory Branan’s opening performance and the beginning  of Lucero, how can I not be one of the 20,000+ fans in the FedEx Forum screaming my face off for a Tiger victory? Considering that I’ve seen Cory and Lucero a ridiculous amount of times, I’ve decided this basketball game is too important to pass up. It pains me to miss even a second of the music, but I bleed blue, so this is the decision I’ve made, and I’m sticking to it.

So the plan is this: Enjoy the Tigers game. Rush to Minglewood Hall. Find that Cory and Ben didn’t want to start without me, and enjoy the full show.

In my dreams.

Let’s try this again: Arrive at Minglewood, join the friends, and jump in mid-show without missing a beat. A tolerable scenario, I’ll take it!

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