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What I’m Loving Wednesday

I am loving that I have dinner plans with the fam tomorrow night. I have hardly seen my crew since before I went out of town, and that was almost two weeks ago. I can’t wait to pass out souvenirs, share pictures and stories, and catch up on life. We all have so much going on, it’s hard to get everybody in the same room at the same time. Oh, but when we do, it is good. Very, very good.

I am loving sushi. Not just today, but always. Today in particular, however, I went on a fun lunch date, and the restaurant we went to was fantastic, so it’s especially on my mind.  Sakura in Germantown. The rolls are massive, well-priced, fresh, and tasty. I’ll be back.

I am loving the new wrapping paper I bought and annihilated in the same day. Yep, that’s right, I’ve already started wrapping presents. It’s not my usual MO to have already purchased and wrapped gifts this early into the Christmas season, so can we please take a moment to acknowledge this impressive act of anti-procrastination? Fun fact: You can’t really tell here, but the red writing is covered in glitter that will forever bind itself to your hands, the floor, and whatever you are wearing.

And lastly, I am loving that the St. Jude Memphis Marathon is this weekend. I always look forward to a good half marathon, and this is one of the best! Now here’s to counting down to race day and hoping for comfortable weather the morning of!

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A Pictorial Vacation Timeline

Dear readers, I haven’t forgotten you! I know I’ve been MIA, and you might feel as though I’ve abandoned you, but that’s not the case at all. I’ve been traipsing around Maui for the past several days, and there was just no time for blogging. I couldn’t bear the thought of parking in front of a laptop when there was a whole island just waiting to be explored. If I wasn’t looking up information immediately pertinent to my vacation, it was going to have to wait. You understand, right? And now that I’m back, I get to unload all the fun details of my visit, and we can pick up right where we left off.

It will take a while for me to organize and recount the many adventures of the trip, so let me start by sharing a rough timeline comprising some of the highlights. This pictorial illustration is by no means inclusive, it’s just a starting point. I’ll expound on the different events as my schedule allows, but for now here’s a broad overview of my time in paradise:



Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was crazy busy in a way that left me no time to post my usual “What I’m Loving Wednesday” piece. I hate to leave my dear readers hanging, though, so I’m picking up the slack with a Thursday version instead. It actually works out quite nicely, given that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I can’t think of a better time to count my many blessings. This won’t be all-encompassing, as I’ve got a to-do list a mile long and a very small span of time to accomplish it in, but here’s the abridged version.

I am thankful for my great God. I am thankful for His pure forgiveness, for His grace and mercy, and for the fact that He is the definition of love. I am continually challenged and renewed as I grow in my relationship with the Lord and learn more and more about how much He loves us.   

I’m thankful for my family, both immediate and extended. I’ve grown up engulfed in love, and it is one of the most fortunate things in my life.

I’m thankful for my friends, who fill my world in so many different ways.  You are all immeasurably important to me. And there are too many of you to post pictures of, so just know that you each hold a special place in my heart.

I’m thankful for this guy. He makes my heart whole. I could write a novel on this topic alone, but I’ll save you guys the mush. Just know that he is humble, respectable, thoughtful, sacrificial, romantic, supportive, and understanding in ways I didn’t know were possible. All that, and much more.

I’m thankful for my blog readers (you didn’t think I’d forget you, didya?!), for my faithful church, for my great job, for the ability to run, for my opportunities, and for this life. I’m thankful for music, seasons, health, holidays, laughter, freedom, blankets, and books. And for so many other things, I can’t even begin to call them by name. Man, I am just one warm and fuzzy ball of thankfulness right now.

But at this very moment, y’all, I am thankful to be leaving for Hawaii in the morning! I am just hours away from boarding a flight to paradise, and it’s finally hitting me. I have been casually packing and preparing for the event for a while now, but this morning I woke up, and BAM, it’s real, I’m going to HAWAII!! In a matter of hours! I’m giddy beyond words, and I can’t wait to get this party started!

May you all take time to be thankful this week, it’s good for the soul!


11:11 on 11/11/11

If all has gone according to plan, right at this very moment I am singing my heart out at an Avett Brother’s show, more than likely uncomfortably cold but overlooking it because I’m so deeply contented with the music before me.

Though I’m obviously tied up, I couldn’t just ignore today’s unique date. Not only is it palindromic, it happens to be a palindrome involving a single number. The loneliest number. The number one.

For as long as I can remember, any time I catch sight of a digital clock that reads 11:11, I mentally instruct myself to make a wish. While I often don’t pause long enough to actually make said wish, it always crosses my mind. Thus, I’ve scheduled this friendly little reminder to post on November 11, 2011 at 11:11pm, the ultimate wish-making time.


One Holiday at a Time, Please

I don’t care what you say, the beginning of the Christmas holiday doesn’t start until December. Or maybe the last week of November, once Thanksgiving has had its deserved time in the limelight. In fact, I’m proclaiming a new rule of thumb: Christmas decorations don’t go up until you’ve digested the pumpkin pie.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and everything it stands for; I love the decor, the twinkling lights, the way the world just looks more cheery donned in red ribbon and garland. In fact, Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I am itching to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year. Even so, I just can’t get into red and green decorations in November or, horrors, even October. It just doesn’t seem right – carving the turkey with a Santa hat on. Here we are brushing past the pilgrims with little more than a passing glance just so we can spend more time with Rudolph and his crew. While I’m all for celebrating the purpose of Christmas year round, I have a feeling that’s not necessarily the department stores’ motives when they start hanging tinsel the minute summer ends. I mean, do we really need Christmas decorations on display for a quarter of the year? Have we become such a fast-paced, high-gear society that we can’t wait for one national holiday to run its course before flying into a frenzy over the next?

To each his own, and if you want to put your Christmas decorations up in August I’m not going to stop you, but personally, I can only handle one holiday at a time.

Who’s with me?!


What I’m Loving Wednesday

And now for our mid-week pause to catch our breath, regroup, and spend some time thinking on the good things.

I’m loving daydreaming about my upcoming trip to Hawaii. We’ve been in the process of planning the logistics, the activities, and the details for months, and it’s all soon to come to fruition. I can’t wait to be lounging on a tropical island, taking in the surrounding beauty, and participating in all the fun the island has to offer.

Pinned Image

I am loving these tie-dyed bowls. I don’t own them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire from afar. They are everything I could want in a bowl – funky, fun, and seemingly the perfect depth.


I am loving that my iPod is fully functional, which was not the case earlier this week. For a couple days there, the device wouldn’t turn on. After much pleading, I finally made progress on that front, only to find it wouldn’t sync with my computer anymore. Of course. After several attempts and many whispers of sweet nothings, I think I have cajoled it out of its shell of destruction and into a happy place. Good thing too, because my racing schedule is about to pick up, and it’s nice to have the iPod as a distraction mechanism during those long distances.

So there you have it. What are you loving this week?

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Foundation of Foundations

I know I keep talking about Genesis, but y’all, it’s that good! How can I keep to myself something so astounding that it reveals the very threads of existence?! It would truly be wrong not to share. I’m paraphrasing from Henry Morris’ The Genesis Record when I say that Genesis 1:1 is the foundational verse of the Bible, undoubtedly contains the first words ever written, and is surely the most widely read sentence ever recorded.

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

These ten small words define the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, and they are packed with meaning. To quote Mr. Morris:

It has often been pointed out that if a person really believes Genesis 1:1, he will not find it difficult to believe anything else recorded in the Bible. That is, if God really created all things, then He controls all things and can do all things.

Furthermore, this one verse refutes all of man’s false philosophes concerning the origin and meaning of the world:

  1. It refutes atheism, because the universe was created by God.
  2. It refutes pantheism, for God is transcendent to that which He created.
  3. It refutes polytheism, for one God created all things.
  4. It refutes materialism, for matter had a beginning.
  5. It refutes dualism, because God was alone when He created.
  6. It refutes humanism, because God, not man, is the ultimate reality.
  7. It refutes evolutionism, because God created all things.

End quote.

And that’s only verse one!


A Setlist Worth Remembering

It’s been six days, and my mind keeps drifting back to that glorious Avett Brothers concert I attended this past weekend in Nashville. There were so many memorable moments, and the guys played so many great songs, I can’t help but reminisce. I find myself giddy just thinking about certain segments of the show, and I’m already anticipating my next opportunity to see them live. Which, lucky for me, is less than two weeks away. I’ve posted the setlist below, which will probably only interest people who are avid Avett fans, who witnessed the Bridgestone show, or who wish they had. I need it to look back on with fond memories, so here goes:

  1. Colorshow
  2. Go to Sleep
  3. Paranoia in Bb Major
  4. January Wedding
  5. Slight Figure of Speech
  6. Down with the Shine
  7. The Fall
  8. Salina
  9. At the Beach
  10. Distraction #74
  11. Die Die Die
  12. Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane
  13. The Ballad of Love and Hate
  14. Murder in the City
  15. Backwards with Time
  16. When I Drink
  17. And It Spread
  18. Denouncing November Blue
  19. Shame
  20. I Killed Sally’s Lover
  21. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
  22. Talk on Indolence


  1. Kick Drum Heart
  2. I and Love and You

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What I’m Loving Wednesday

On this first Wednesday of November, I am sending all my love to my dear, precious friend Minda. She is one of the most thoughtful, generous, brightest souls I know, and I am so blessed to call her friend. It was friendship at first sight from the moment we met, and I have learned so much from our relationship over the years. Most recently, I am humbled by her strength and admire the compassion, sacrifice, and love she has so selflessly poured out over the past several months. As she steps into this new season in her life, I send all my love and support, prayers for comfort and peace, and these words of encouragement:

And really, today, any other items I could say I’m loving – the Tigers’ basketball season getting underway, my new gym, the green dress I’m wearing – all of it pales in comparison, so I’ll just stop here.

Today, all my loving goes out to the one and only Minda Jo, who makes the world a better place and learned how to from the best of them.