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In Loving Memory of Jim Prentiss

Two years ago today, my grandfather passed away. I miss his kind eyes and his limitless generosity, his cute smile and his warm heart. I miss his extraordinary talent for philanthropy, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his devotion to our family. You see, my grandfather, Jim Prentiss, is quite possibly the greatest man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He tirelessly devoted his life to changing lives, to giving generously, and to making a lasting difference in this city. He had a huge heart for helping others, and by example, instilled that passion in those around him.

You would think a man who was chairman of the board of the Memphis Zoo and Memphis Food Bank; CEO of Shoney’s South; responsible for bringing us the Memphis Redbirds; selected into the Society of Entrepreneurs; and a former board member of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce, Boys’ Clubs of Memphis, MIFA, United Way, and handfuls of other organizations would be boastful, but my grandfather was far from that. His modesty and sincerity were tangible. He loved the Lord, and everything he did in this world was for His glory. The impact my grandfather made on this city is monumental, but that’s nothing compared to the impact he made on my heart.

I am so blessed to have had such an inspiring role model. I love you, Catfish, and look forward to our reunion in Heaven.