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The Elusive Weekend

My weekend was quite lovely, as weekends generally are. In typical fashion, it hurried by in a whirlwind of activity and excitement and was over long before I would have liked. Elusive, weekends are. You look forward to them with such fervor, wistfully waiting, and at long last they arrive in all their glory. Then, before you have a chance to realize it, your weekend departs, oftentimes leaving you wondering if it even happened at all.

The beautiful thing about weekends is that there’s always another waiting on the horizon. You are never too far away from one, whether you’ve turned to wave goodbye to days passed or extended your gaze a few calendar spaces to the right, you can be comforted in knowing a weekend is undoubtedly looming nearby. And for this I am grateful.

There is nothing wrong with treasuring the weekend and the opportunity it gives to unwind and catch your breath, to let your hair down, and to take care of all the things your week didn’t give you time for (week days can be stingy). But, I caution, do not live solely for those fleeting days that punctuate the week. Don’t forfeit greatness during the week in longing for the weekend. Fill all of your days with productivity and enjoyment, and make the very most of each day you have been granted.