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Worth It

Hi guys, remember me? I’m that girl who used to share random blips of her life with you until she silently retreated to a small corner of the earth and shunned the virtual world for months on end. I’m just now emerging from my wedding-induced silence, and I still want to be friends. Can we just pick up where we left off, like those rare, precious friendships where you can go a year without talking yet reunite without skipping a beat? Yeah, let’s do that.

Besides the fact that wedding planning is one of the most rigorous, time-intensive activities on the face of the planet, allowing virtually no time for extracurricular activities such as sleeping and blogging, I wanted to spare my handful of followers of the daily minutiae that’s inevitable during the months leading up to a wedding. Because while I’m known for my detail orientedness, discussing the merits of burlap ribbon with wire-finished edging versus burlap ribbon with frayed edges is not a primary interest of mine. So I chose not to talk about it.

Now that I’m married, though, and have combed through all those tiny details in private, I can (and will, in an upcoming post) share some of the more meaningful elements from my wedding. Also now that I’m married, I no longer have to spend my afternoons registering for gifts and interviewing photographers and making ridiculous crafts. Honestly, and clearly, I couldn’t be more happy to be done with the wedding and into the marriage. Because marriage is freaking awesome, y’all. It’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of, and I’ve been involved in some pretty cool stuff in my lifetime. Ahem, dragon boat racing, anyone?

So by now you’ve gathered that I am not a wedding-y person. I am very much a love-y person, I just didn’t have the wedding part planned out by the age of 7. So when Jax and I got engaged, we started at square one. We moved from talk of a destination wedding to plans for an intimate ceremony at home, and seriously contemplated eloping about a million times in between. Past brides (and grooms) know what I’m talking about.

Now that we’re on this side of the wedding, I can honestly look at January 19th, 2013 as the best day of my life to date. Actually, more accurately, I can look at it as the fastest day of my life, as it was basically an insane whirlwind of nerves and flowers and hugs. But it marked the day that my husband and I shared the most tender, unconditional vows under the sun that were then celebrated by our closest family and friends, and that is what makes a perfect day.

Yesterday, we received our wedding pictures from our very talented photographer, and the emotions ranged from laughter to tears to goosebumps as we relived the hours in which we devoted our lives to each other.

Turns out, it was all worth it.

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