It’s Marathon Time

Early tomorrow morning, I board a plane with a phenomenal cast of characters, we fly to the bustling city of Chicago, and (the majority of us) run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

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26.2 miles. All at one time. Let’s suffice it to say that I’m not overtrained. In fact, as well as I can calculate, I only ran 191.45 of the 435 training miles Hal Higdon would have preferred. Clearly, overtraining won’t be an issue. And I am perfectly ok with that. I prefer it, in fact. I’m pretty sure my body would have fallen apart if I had doubled my training. Either that, or my head would have exploded in attempt to juggle the multitude of obligations and activities crowding my proverbial plate. Having said that, my only goal is completion. And enjoyment (as much as one can enjoy running nonstop for 4+ hours).

Ready or not, marathon weekend is upon us, and I. AM. PUMPED.

Vacation starts NOW!

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