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Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles

I am crazy about live music. Going to shows is absolutely one of my favorite activities. Lucky for me, several of my favorite artists are homegrown, which means I get to see them on a fairly regular basis. Others are not, which entails that I make special arrangements to catch a show. But still handfuls of others were before my time and have since disbanded, quit touring, or kicked the bucket. In this category resides The Beatles, whom, try as I might, I would seemingly never have the opportunity to enjoy live.

Until now. Or at least it’s the next best thing.

For Christmas, my parents gave Jax and I tickets to the critically acclaimed Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, which will be rocking the Orpheum this weekend. From what I’ve heard, this show is grand. Better than grand, it is amazing. Note for note, word for word, and outfit for outfit, these guys supposedly give a flawless performance that takes you straight back to the Beatles show you wish you had been around to see. They cover the gamut; they hit the quartet’s clean-cut Ed Sullivan days, veer over to their trippy Sgt. Pepper experimentations, travel down Abbey Road, and make a stop at every junction in between.

A whole-hearted thanks to Mom and Dad seems appropriate here. *Thanks, parents!*

The Magical Mystery Tour is coming to take you away….

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Did the Beatles say it best?

The love you take is equal to the love you make.

Did the Beatles really say it best 40 years ago with the closing lyrics of Abbey Road? We live in a world that is me-centric. Please me, love me, give me, want me, appease me, humor me, notice me, compliment me, entertain me. But what if we were to pop our bubbles of self-absorption and adopt the mentality that ME is not the center of all things created, and that we have a whole lotta love to share. The more you actively love your environment, your neighbors, your family, your friends, strangers, acquaintances, and anyone else your day places in front of you, the more abundant and blessed your life will ultimately be.  It’s not necessarily the people you are bestowing love on who will reciprocate, but somewhere, someone, or even something, will tickle your heart and remind you of the fulfillment that comes with benevolent, selfless love.  It seems the rocking quartet may have been on to something after all. 

So go spread the love! I suspect it will find its way back to you…

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