April Taught Me

  1. Wrap dresses and windy days = not a good combination.
  2. Eating dinner directly before playing an intense soccer game is not the most agreeable situation.
  3. The state of Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings Time. Rebels.
  4. Those catchy songs that get stuck in your head in an aggravating loop are called earworms.
  5. Record books no longer recognize “youngest” feats.
  6. A couple minutes lounging in the steam room after an intense yoga session is a magical combo. Must do that more often.
  7. The Olympic Marathon course has more than 90 turns.
  8. Friendship bracelets are just as meaningful now as they were when I was 12.
  9. It is illegal to kill honeybees in the state of Tennessee. My grandmother learned this the hard way.
  10. It takes a whole new level of coordination to kick a soccer ball with your nondominant leg.

One thought on “April Taught Me

  1. wadeyo13 says:

    RE: DST … until a couple of years ago, only parts of Indiana recognized DST and others did not. talk about rebels!

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