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What I’m Loving Wednesday

This morning, I am loving Brett Dennen, likely because I saw him play at Minglewood last night, and it reminded me of how much I enjoy his folky, playful vibe. I’m unfamiliar with his newest album, but he played some songs off Hope for the Hopeless that I really like, so I was pleased. He didn’t play my favorite, nor did he sing the one I’m posting below, but the show was still great fun.



Speaking of Minglewood, I am loving Lucero’s recent announcement that they are playing a show there on December 22. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for and inability to fully embrace their new addition of brass instruments, I couldn’t possibly miss a show right here in my own stomping grounds. I’m still a Lucero fan through and through, and so I’ll be there, being particularly thankful when they bust out songs from their older albums. Added bonus – Amy LaVere is opening for them. Merry Christmas to me!

I am loving that the St. Louis Cardinals are playing in Game 1 of the World Series tonight. So much so, that I’m willing to skip my kickball game to watch. A few weeks ago, we weren’t even sure if they’d get the wild card spot, and now they are battling it out for the national title. What fun! The boyfriend is a huge fan, and I’m a supportive girlfriend, so GO CARDS GO!

St Louis Cardinals

And finally, I’m loving the space heater that is tucked under my desk and blowing hot air on my feet this very minute. I seriously use this thing year round, and my work happiness pretty much depends on it. In the past, I worked for a company that didn’t allow space heaters, and looking back, I think that was one of the deciding factors in my leaving for bigger and better things. Now, I’m settled in a lovely office that allows personal comforts such as warming devices, and I am grateful for it. With the cold weather that is currently blanketing the city, I’d be a downright mess without a constant source of direct heat. It’s the little things. Here I am at work, space heater on full blast:


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Tigers vs. Lucero

Based on the lack of traffic this morning, I think it’s safe to assume that I’m one of the few Memphians working today. But I’m unphased by this because tonight, my friends, tonight my Tigers play their biggest home game of the season AND my favorite band will be rocking the stage at Minglewood Hall. Win, win (we hope).

For several weeks, this scheduling conflict has caused much inner turmoil and wavering: Why oh why do they have to be on the same day? Which event shall I choose? How can I possibly miss the Georgetown game, to which I already have tickets? And yes, I’ve seen Lucero upwards of 50 times, but that doesn’t change how much I need to be at this show. And Cory Branan is opening; it’s been months since I’ve seen him.

Oh, the dilemma.

But now, I am simply choosing to embrace it. This night is too good and too full of possibility to approach it any other way. Although I will most likely be missing Cory Branan’s opening performance and the beginning  of Lucero, how can I not be one of the 20,000+ fans in the FedEx Forum screaming my face off for a Tiger victory? Considering that I’ve seen Cory and Lucero a ridiculous amount of times, I’ve decided this basketball game is too important to pass up. It pains me to miss even a second of the music, but I bleed blue, so this is the decision I’ve made, and I’m sticking to it.

So the plan is this: Enjoy the Tigers game. Rush to Minglewood Hall. Find that Cory and Ben didn’t want to start without me, and enjoy the full show.

In my dreams.

Let’s try this again: Arrive at Minglewood, join the friends, and jump in mid-show without missing a beat. A tolerable scenario, I’ll take it!

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A Weekend in Nashville

I travel to Nashville quite frequently, as the city is full of great and random fun, many of my friends reside there, and it’s only a few short hours away. This past weekend, Lucero was playing back to back performances at the Mercy Lounge, which sounded like a fine excuse to road trip east. So, naturally, Jackson and I headed out of town Friday after work to hear some good music, catch up with some great buddies, and make some happy memories.

The shows were loads of fun, as expected; we danced hard and sang along loudly. One particularly notable highlight was Lucero’s cover of Bill Wither’s epic song, Ain’t No Sunshine, which was in.cred.i.ble. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know…..

When not rocking to Lucero, we decided to take the slightly touristy route. We went to Centennial Park to feed the ducks, then wandered over to the Parthenon for a little history lesson.

And jumped around a bit.

Which made us parched and in need of a sweet treat. Gourmet popsicles it was. Note to readers: avocado popsicles are suprisingly delicious. For those of you in the Nashville area, you should visit Las Paletas and try one for yourself.

From there, we headed over to Percy Warner Park to do a little exploring.

And there you have it, a brief look at our quick jaunt in Nashville!

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My favorite band is playing at Minglewood Hall tonight, and I am giddy. Even though I travel to see Lucero almost every time they play within a 200 mile radius of Memphis and have therefore seen them… oh… I’d say upwards of twenty times, I never get tired of their shows.  I’m crazy about the whole experience – the music is great for grooving, for singing along with, and for enjoying with good friends.  Lucero’s music has been described as many things, but no matter how you classify it, their songs speak to the human condition. Whether you are having a sunny day or a dark night, Lucero’s music melds to fit your mood.  It’s that good. In fact, it really don’t get any better than this….

Special thanks to the boyfriend for introducing me to this musical goodness over four years ago. We are looking forward to rocking with our fellow Lucero fans tonight!


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