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In honor of my 200th blog post….

….I’ll share 200 divided by 2 things I did over the long Easter weekend.

  1. Left the office early, per my boss’ direction.
  2. Listened to a podcast during my commute (my new favorite driving activity).
  3. Kicked my shoes off.
  4. Grinned at the prospect of a 3 day weekend ahead of me.
  5. Received 4 pieces of personal mail in one day. That’s a rarity.
  6. Snacked on wasabi peas.
  7. Rode my bike for the first time this year.
  8. Stopped by Midtown Bikes for a quick tire fill up.
  9. Checked out Central BBQ’s soon-to-be downtown location.
  10. Discovered Martyrs Park.
  11. Admired the view.
  12. Vowed to ride more.
  13. Listened to a Mark Driscoll sermon about the crucifixion.
  14. Talked God.
  15. Made dinner plans with friends for later in the week.
  16. Finished watching Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban.
  17. Went to sleep early.
  18. Purposely did not set an alarm.
  19. Slept until 8:40am, which is practically unheard of in my world.
  20. Ate breakfast in bed.
  21. Sorted and stowed my winter clothes.
  22. Listened to Ryan Bingham’s Junky Star album.
  23. Followed that up with Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky.
  24. Rediscovered my Vibrams.
  25. Wore them while I spring cleaned.
  26. Ran a couple of miles outside (sans Vibrams).
  27. Smiled at the sunshine.
  28. Completed three loads of laundry.
  29. Folded said laundry.
  30. And even put it away! (It was a productive day.)
  31. Scrubbed the bathtub with a grapefruit. Really.
  32. Painted my toenails.
  33. Went on a date with the man of my dreams.
  34. Cheered the Grizzlies to a sweet victory.
  35. Connected with friends.
  36. Strummed my guitar.
  37. Sang along while my much more talented friend played actual songs on the guitar.
  38. Listened to records.
  39. Practiced yoga with Allison.
  40. Picked up litter on the sidewalk.
  41. Meandered around the Farmer’s Market.
  42. Purchased bright red tomatoes and brown jasmine rice.
  43. Admired the beautiful flower bouquets.
  44. Ate a veggie burrito from the Fuel food truck.
  45. And a couple bites of Jax’s BBQ nachos.
  46. Wished I had more time to listen to Star & Micey’s performance.
  47. Met up with Kim for our scavenger hunt race.
  48. Participated in the Urban Dare.
  49. Dissected and mapped random clues.
  50. Ran to Sun Studio.
  51. And 6.5 miles of the greater downtown area.
  52. Fantasized about cheesecake.
  53. Hit up Trolley Stop Market in desperate need of hydration.
  54. Took a picture in front of the Fire Museum.
  55. And various other downtown establishments.
  56. Completed the Dare in ~2 hours.
  57. Piddled around guiltlessly.
  58. Discovered the most convenient secret parking area at the Levitt Shell.
  59. Watched live music.
  60. Had picnic sandwiches.
  61. Cuddled on a blanket.
  62. Engaged in beautiful conversation.
  63. Sang hymns.
  64. Worshiped my Savior.
  65. Thanked God for this life.
  66. Met up with my favorite lady in Nashville.
  67. Talked my face off.
  68. Discussed life plans.
  69. Ate seared sea scallops.
  70. Celebrated another Grizzlies victory.
  71. Daydreamed about our upcoming vacation to Denver.
  72. Shared recipes.
  73. Caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in way too long.
  74. Donned my Easter dress.
  75. Attended church.
  76. Passed out hugs to the family.
  77. Absorbed the message.
  78. Shed some tears.
  79. Celebrated Christ’s resurrection.
  80. Made dinner/Grizzlies plans with my fam for Monday.
  81. Wished my Little a Happy Easter.
  82. Visited with Jax’s family.
  83. Feasted on a most delicious lunch.
  84. Followed by delectable dessert.
  85. Considered a second round of dessert but somehow restrained myself.
  86. Hid Easter Eggs for eager children.
  87. Watched sweet kiddies search for Easter Eggs.
  88. Multiple times.
  89. Invited my cousin to go rock climbing next weekend.
  90. Received confirmation that he is down.
  91. Watched the last three holes of the Masters.
  92. Took a brief, comfy snooze.
  93. Woke up as Bubba Watson won the title.
  94. Drank some hot tea in an oversized mug.
  95. Ate a couple pieces of chocolate for dinner.
  96. Watched the 4th Harry Potter movie.
  97. Said my prayers.
  98. Reminisced over what a simple, lovely weekend I had.
  99. Called it a night.
  100. Slept tight. And didn’t let the bed bugs bite.

Let Them Eat Pi

Deliberately posted at 1:59:26 PM on March 14th in honor of the most revered mathematical constant in the known universe, I will be celebrating Pi Day with a 3.14 pi mile lunch break run.

How are you celebrating?


Draw a Stickman

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining brightly, and you need to draw a stick figure.

Say what?

Draw a stickman. Click here to make sense of this madness and join in on the fun.

C’mon, just do it.  


11:11 on 11/11/11

If all has gone according to plan, right at this very moment I am singing my heart out at an Avett Brother’s show, more than likely uncomfortably cold but overlooking it because I’m so deeply contented with the music before me.

Though I’m obviously tied up, I couldn’t just ignore today’s unique date. Not only is it palindromic, it happens to be a palindrome involving a single number. The loneliest number. The number one.

For as long as I can remember, any time I catch sight of a digital clock that reads 11:11, I mentally instruct myself to make a wish. While I often don’t pause long enough to actually make said wish, it always crosses my mind. Thus, I’ve scheduled this friendly little reminder to post on November 11, 2011 at 11:11pm, the ultimate wish-making time.


Labor Day Means…

Labor Day Weekend is dawning, and that means a couple different things in my world, such as:

  • I’m thankful for my job, for the opportunities it presents, for the flexibility if offers, and for the team that I work with. I admit that I’m not always as appreciative as I should be, but I know that I am lucky to be where I am.
  • There’s a long weekend just on the other side of 5:00, and all I have to do is make it less than 20 minutes before I’m heading out of town for a fun-filled visit to St. Louis.
  • This road trip will be my first dance with the new Garmin GPS Jax so thoughtfully gave me for my birthday. I’m considering naming it Garmin Electra (haha, get it?) but I’m not sure that I want my new device’s namesake to be a woman for whom I have very little respect. So, scratch that; still working on names.
  • Despite Labor Day being touted as the unofficial end of summer, I refuse to give up on it so easily. Every season deserves its allotted time in the spotlight, and I will proclaim summer’s glory until the first day of autumn.
  • Another year of disregarding the no-wearing-white-after-Labor-Day standard. I’m no fashionista, so I like to think those rules don’t apply to me.
  •  While football isn’t my absolute favorite sport, I do enjoy watching the occasional game, eating the standard game day munchies, and being a part of all the excitement that comes with it; plus, I have a good time submitting my *extremely well-thought-out* weekly team picks in the friendly pool I joined last year. More importantly, the start of football season denotes the beginning of a time of year that I absolutely love, and that is something I can get behind.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you all!


Shout Out to Penny

Penny, as I affectionately refer to my vehicle, is my trusty sidekick. Penelope when something significant happens – like that time she was assaulted by an oblivious truck, or when she miraculously made it to Knoxville on one tank of gas, or when she refused to let me inside the car despite the fact that my keys were in the ignition, my cell phone was in the cup holder, and I had to be at work in less than ten minutes (how rude!). Despite that isolated incident, she is loyal and faithful, and I have her efficiency to thank for the multitude of road trips she has fostered. My active lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without her.

Penny and I have spent countless hours together, and I owe her deep gratitude for putting up with my many faults. She doesn’t complain that maintaining an immaculate car isn’t very high on my priority list; I think she’s even come to prefer the lived-in conditions I subject her to. Makes her feel useful. She transports all of my gear to and fro without complaint, and she graciously welcomes passengers (and if you’ve ever ridden in my car, you know she’s a stickler about wearing seatbelts). She appreciates my dreadful attempts at singing along to my favorite songs, and she thinks it’s normal that I shamelessly talk to myself while driving. She doesn’t mind going several months between baths, she loves the open road, and she really enjoys camping (she told me so).

I know Penny will not feasibly be in my life forever, but I want her to be a part of it as long as possible. I love having a vehicle with such low gas mileage, and I love that I paid off my car years ago. If we can support this fruitful friendship (and no car note) another 5 years, I will be none the happier. Thus, I had zero qualms with recently forking over several hundred dollars on her 75,000 mile checkup, her fuel injection system, and her power steering flush. Gotta pamper my little lady if I want her to stick around for all the upcoming fun, right?


Getting There is Half the Fun

Roadtrips are the coolest.

One thing I love about roadtripping is the drive time. Of course I anticipate the destination, and I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t want to end up on the other side, but I must say, I love the getting there part too. To me, it is not wasted hours of dreaded monotony, but an opportunity in itself. It’s a time to converse, to think deeply, to check out a new CD, to let your mind wander, to stop at a gas station and purchase a ridiculous trucker hat for your friend, and to make a random pit stop at a random place in a random town. Who knows? So much possibility, and possibility is my friend.

Jax has become my constant companion on roadtrips, and I cherish those uninterrupted hours of time we spend together in the car. There are few distractions, it’s just our voices logging long hours of conversation and engaging in off-key duets.  Sometimes we enjoy deep and meaningful discussions, sometimes we play little games, and sometimes we have deliriously silly chatter. It depends on the time of day, the distance we have left to cover, and how full my bladder is. I mean think about it, with the whirlwind lives most of us lead, when else do you have three plus hours of unrivaled time to sit and talk with somebody? If you are living my life, the answer is not all that often.

This evening, we embark on a short hop to Nashville to visit amazing, wonderful, cherished friends. We will start this trip with peanut butter and (grape, because I finished off the strawberry yesterday) jelly sandwiches, energy drinks, and a CD case full of good tunes.

Off to adventure! A fun and safe weekend to all!

Blast from the Past: I owned this suitcase as a child. Why oh why did I ever get rid of it?


Friday Ramblings

1) There are many things I love about Memphis in May, like dancing in the rain, barbecue festival, and picnicking to the sounds of the symphony. One thing that’s often overlooked, however, is the country the city is honoring. And this year, that country just happens to be one I’ve visited, and one that I absolutely fell in love with the few days I was there. Belgium. Sweet, charming, exciting, delicious Belgium.

2) Make plans to go shopping next weekend with this sweet coupon:

3) Last night while volunteering at an event to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis, the house band broke into a cover of Bob Marley’s Stir It Up, and I couldn’t help but dance around. In that moment as I watched the crowd light up and move along, I was all smiles. This song reminds me of live music and sunshine, and it made me so excited for warmer months ahead.

4) I just updated the Race Recaps portion of my blog with details from my most recent half marathon, which I miraculously happened to run over 15 minutes faster than my previous best time. Check it out, if you’re so inclined.

5) I had intentions of writing a full blog post today, but with the current events in Japan, anything I would have written seems a bit insignificant now. My heart and prayers go out to the earthquake and tsunami victims. Tragedies like this are a reminder of how very fleeting life is. This is a great opportunity to focus on perspective, and to make sure the ones you love know how much they mean to you. Tomorrow is not promised, and the present is a gift. Don’t waste it.

Another Snow Day

So today, thanks to the inches of snow we received yesterday, I am cozied up under a blanket wearing pajama pants and drinking hot pumpkin spice tea out of an oversized Starbucks mug. Oversized mugs are the best. They just feel indulgent, and are so very versatile. They are compatible with hot beverages, soups, scoops of ice cream, and cereal.

When I woke up this morning, I decided to take advantage of my free time at home and clean out a neglected drawer, where I came across these two little gems:

As I sip tea and fondly flip through pictures from my childhood, I ponder my day’s activities.

I will spend time with the blog, obviously, as that’s what I’m currently doing. I’ll simultaneously don my compliance hat and do some research from home. As tedious as wading through regulatory minutia is, there are parts of it I legitimately enjoy. I’m currently preparing a new disclosure document for my firm, and the writer (and, let’s be honest, nerd) in me actually welcomes the challenge.

I’ll also do a load of whites, and maybe even brave the roads for a trip to the gym, as I could stand to get some mileage in before my race this weekend. I’ll catch up on some reading, although what does that really even mean? I have over 50 books in my Kindle queue, which pretty much makes the idea of “caught up” virtually unattainable. But read, I will. And I guess food needs to be somewhere on the agenda. Soon, now that I think about it.

As in, I’m going to make an omelet.

As in, goodbye! Have great days, everybody!


I get an email from the boyfriend today with the following message:

“Do you love this? Thought of you when I saw it.”

He knows me all too well.

Of course I love it. He knows that I’m a ridiculous bookworm, and that I have four books that I’m concurrently reading stacked beside his couch and another 48 that I regularly switch between on my Kindle. He knows that I’m a reading machine – that I read for my bible study, I read while I’m exercising, I read before bed, I read for fun, I read for knowledge, and I read for work. Basically, I read as often and as much as I can. How could lounging in an armchair library not be one of my greatest comforts?

He’s a keeper. And the chair’s not so bad, either.


Snowmageddon 2011

As the first snowfall of the year blanketed my city last night, and I was gathered in the den with my family watching a movie, alternating between sitting fireside and lounging on the couch, I couldn’t help but think what an absolute lovely weekend I had. Nothing exceptional, just the kind of weekend that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and content inside. Basketball playing with the boyfriend, followed by a nice Friday night dinner date. An early morning 6 miler on the Greenline with my gals, a happy visit with a good friend, a Tiger victory at the Forum, and a fun girls’ dinner at Boscos. Sunday morning church with the family, afternoon brunch with my grandmother, a cycling class at the gym, and a lot of other good stuff thrown in the mix.

And I woke up this morning to find….it has been extended! SNOW DAY! I suspected I would probably not be going in early, but I was planning on arriving around noon and was pleasantly surprised to find that we would be taking off the whole day!

I don’t know what to do with myself. A free day with no plans? What does that even mean??!?

I’ve got some work related marketing research I plan on digging into, and I’ve been commissioned to work on some interior design aspects for our new office building, so I have some online browsing to do, but otherwise, what on earth am I going to do with this open, unplanned, totally unexpected free day?

I see a nap in my future, and a potential visit to the gym, some quality time with the brother, a walk through the winter wonderland outside my doorstep, and I’ll probably squeeze some movie watching in there, too. And then of course there’s some laundry that needs attention, and a crock pot recipe book I’ve been meaning to flip through, and my room could use a little TLC. But still, what a welcome luxury.


And literally as I was writing this, I spotted my neighbor outside building a snowman, so I threw on a scarf and mittens and ran out the door to join her. We made snow angels, and a little monochromatic snow buddy.

Off to enjoy the rest of my day! Stay safe and warm out there, my friends!


Tigers vs. Lucero

Based on the lack of traffic this morning, I think it’s safe to assume that I’m one of the few Memphians working today. But I’m unphased by this because tonight, my friends, tonight my Tigers play their biggest home game of the season AND my favorite band will be rocking the stage at Minglewood Hall. Win, win (we hope).

For several weeks, this scheduling conflict has caused much inner turmoil and wavering: Why oh why do they have to be on the same day? Which event shall I choose? How can I possibly miss the Georgetown game, to which I already have tickets? And yes, I’ve seen Lucero upwards of 50 times, but that doesn’t change how much I need to be at this show. And Cory Branan is opening; it’s been months since I’ve seen him.

Oh, the dilemma.

But now, I am simply choosing to embrace it. This night is too good and too full of possibility to approach it any other way. Although I will most likely be missing Cory Branan’s opening performance and the beginning  of Lucero, how can I not be one of the 20,000+ fans in the FedEx Forum screaming my face off for a Tiger victory? Considering that I’ve seen Cory and Lucero a ridiculous amount of times, I’ve decided this basketball game is too important to pass up. It pains me to miss even a second of the music, but I bleed blue, so this is the decision I’ve made, and I’m sticking to it.

So the plan is this: Enjoy the Tigers game. Rush to Minglewood Hall. Find that Cory and Ben didn’t want to start without me, and enjoy the full show.

In my dreams.

Let’s try this again: Arrive at Minglewood, join the friends, and jump in mid-show without missing a beat. A tolerable scenario, I’ll take it!

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World’s Happiest Countries

I just stumbled across this list of the happiest countries in the world, according to a recently released Gallup Poll based on data collected between 2005 and 2009. Survey participants were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with their lives and how they had felt the previous day (to gauge their happiness in daily activities). You’ve possibly seen these stats, or at least heard about the results. I’m not here to analyze the data, just thought it was interesting and worth sharing with you. I originally planned on emphasizing the countries that I have either visited, am soon visiting, or want to eventually visit, but then I realized that task was pointless, as I would basically be sharing with you a fully highlighted list.


1   Denmark Europe
2   Finland Europe
3   Norway Europe
4   Sweden Europe
4   Netherlands Europe
6   Costa Rica Americas
6   New Zealand Asia
8   Canada Americas
8   Israel Asia
8   Australia Asia
8   Switzerland Europe
12   Panama Americas
12   Brazil Americas
14   United States Americas
14   Austria Europe
16   Belgium Europe
17   United Kingdom Europe
18   Mexico Americas
18   Turkmenistan Asia
20   United Arab Emirates Asia
21   Venezuela Americas
22   Ireland Europe
23   Puerto Rico Americas
23   Kuwait Asia
23   Iceland Europe
26   Colombia Americas
26   Jamaica Americas
28   Cyprus Asia
28   Luxembourg Europe
30   Trinidad and Tobago Americas
30   Argentina Americas
30   Belize Americas
33   Germany Europe
34   El Salvador Americas
35   Chile Americas
35   Uruguay Americas
35   Qatar Asia
38   Guatemala Americas
38   Malta Europe
40   Czech Republic Europe
40   Italy Europe
42   Honduras Americas
43   Spain Europe
44   Dominican Republic Americas
44   France Europe
46   Bolivia Americas
46   Ecuador Americas
48   Paraguay Americas
48   Bahrain Asia
50   Guyana Americas
50   Greece Europe
52   Nicaragua Americas
52   Jordan Asia
54   Belarus Europe
54   Kosovo Europe
56   South Korea Asia
56   Poland Europe
58   Saudi Arabia Asia
58   Pakistan Asia
58   Slovenia Europe
61   Croatia Europe
61   Montenegro Europe
63   Malawi Africa
63   Peru Americas
63   Moldova Europe
63   Lithuania Europe
67   Libya* Africa
67   Botswana Africa
67   Cuba* Americas
70   Kazakhstan Asia
70   Taiwan Asia
70   Portugal Europe
73   South Africa Africa
73   Lebanon Asia
73   Russia Europe
73   Ukraine Europe
73   Romania Europe
73   Slovakia Europe
79   Thailand Asia
79   Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
81   Iran Asia
81   Hong Kong Asia
81   Singapore Asia
81   Japan Asia
85   Somaliland Africa
85   Algeria Africa
85   Nigeria Africa
85   Uzbekistan Asia
85   Indonesia Asia
90   Estonia Europe
91   Myanmar* Asia
91   Bangladesh Asia
91   Serbia Europe
94   Malaysia Asia
94   Philippines Asia
96   Cameroon Africa
96   Tunisia Africa
96   Zambia Africa
96   Yemen Asia
96   Vietnam Asia
96   Palestinian Territories Asia
96   Macedonia Europe
103   Turkey Asia
103   Kyrgyzstan Asia
103   Azerbaijan Asia
103   Hungary Europe
103   Albania Europe
108   Central African Republic Africa
108   Ethiopia Africa
110   Namibia Africa
110   Angola Africa
110   Armenia Asia
110   Iraq Asia
110   Latvia Europe
115   Mozambique Africa
115   Egypt Africa
115   Mauritania Africa
115   Zimbabwe Africa
115   Morocco Africa
115   Sri Lanka Asia
115   India Asia
115   Syria Asia
115   Georgia Asia
115   Afghanistan Asia
125   Kenya Africa
125   Ghana Africa
125   China Asia
128   Congo (Brazzaville) Africa
128   Guinea Africa
130   Sudan Africa
130   Djibouti Africa
130   Madagascar Africa
130   Nepal Asia
130   Mongolia Asia
130   Laos Asia
130   Tajikistan Asia
137   Uganda Africa
137   Tanzania Africa
137   Senegal Africa
137   Bulgaria Europe
141   Chad Africa
141   Liberia Africa
141   Mali Africa
144   Ivory Coast Africa
144   Congo (Kinshasa) Africa
144   Benin Africa
144   Haiti Americas
148   Niger Africa
148   Rwanda Africa
148   Burkina Faso Africa
148   Sierra Leone Africa
148   Cambodia Asia
153   Comoros Africa
153   Burundi Africa
155   Togo Africa

Sixteen Hours Worth of Good Music

Jax and I took this past Friday off work to join my family in Destin, Florida for the weekend, and our eight-hour car rides (to and from) sounded something like this:

Beach Bound:

1)      The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You
2)      Lucero – Lucero
3)      The Beatles – Abbey Road
4)      Cake – Prolonging the Magic
5)      Wilco – A Ghost is Born

Homeward Bound:

1)      Mason Jennings – Bonnaroo, This Tent, 06/14/08
2)      The Avett Brothers – The Gleam
3)      The Beatles – Abbey Road (it never gets old)
4)      Gomez – Liquid Skin
5)      Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
6)      The Doors – The Doors
7)      The Doors – Strange Days

During the majority of the drive, the music served more as background noise than the main event, although we occasionally ceased our chatter to sing a few lines, discuss the meaning of certain lyrics, or marvel over how moving good music can be.

As I flipped through my CD case considering our next round of tunes, a thought occurred to me. Where on God’s green earth have all of my CDs vanished off to? While my collection has grown over the years, it seems that a few essentials have somehow dropped off along the way. Handfuls of them have no doubt ended up in various college roommates’ hands, as is inevitable when living in close quarters. I also tend to be overly generous with my CDs, lending them out without considering the logistics of the return. All of that on top of the fact that I have a knack for disorganization makes for a thinner CD case. So if you have any of my albums, let’s swap!



And the Word of the Day is…

During my Monday morning drop-in to the Pioneer Woman’s domain, one of my favorite slivers of the web, I proceeded with my usual catch up and click around, when lo and behold, I noticed that her word of the day is:

How thrilling! How positively exciting! Did she select that word specifically for me?!? If you are in the dark as to why this would tickle me so, please allow me to direct you to this insight for expanation. What a beautiful beginning to this already wonderful day. I just love days when everything makes sense!