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A Beachside Run

Is there anything more serene than a sunrise run beside the ocean?
I ask this rhetorically, because I already know the answer. This past Friday morning, despite arriving in Gulf Shores at 2 a.m.,  I purposefully awoke before all of my condo-mates so that I could steal some solo time on the beach. It was wonderfully peaceful, and happened to be exactly what I needed. As I fell into a steady cadence, appreciating the sand against my bare feet and the rhythmic sound of the waves, I found myself lost in thought. I marveled at the expanse of ocean beside me – its size, its design, its mystery. Despite the fact that I’ve vacationed at the beach every summer of my life, it still amazes me. It’s hard to fully digest the ocean’s vastness, and I can’t help but reflect on what an awesome Creator we have. He sprinkled these incredible gifts across the globe for our enjoyment, giving us just a small glimpse of Heaven’s beauty. It is so easy to take for granted, but oh so rewarding when you take a moment to cherish the loveliness of it all. 
My morning run wasn’t particularly far or impressive by man’s standards, but it fed my soul in a much more meaningful way.