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Rites of Spring

For the past several weekends, Jax and I have been traveling to Nashville like it’s across the street. This past Friday was no different. We set out after work with our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, this time to catch the first night of a two-day music festival on Vanderbilt’s campus, Rites of Spring. The sky was ominous and awful weather was projected, but we continued onwards. It was questionable whether the show would go on, uncertain up until the moment they actually let us through the gates. In order to accommodate for the seven hour delay, the lineup was a bit abbreviated, but the band we came for wasn’t booted, and that was enough for me.

Sara Bareilles took the stage just as the skies opened, and she did a fun set that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. We shimmied into our ponchos and sang along to her catchy tunes, but I think it was her Mumford and Sons cover that really won me over. Next up was Public Enemy, which threw all the college kids into a tizzy. And finally, at long last, The National took the stage, and it was a beautiful thing.

Their performance was golden. It was truly mellifluous. If you haven’t listened to The National, you are missing out. Every song is good. No, great. Every song is great. The emotion is there, the lyrics are on point, the music is mesmerizing, and Matt Berninger’s voice is wonderfully haunting. I could have listened to them for hours, but Vandy was being a jerk and cut the sound on their final song. Still, the show was incredible, and I absolutely must see them again.

Tones of Yo, can we make this happen?