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Sixteen Hours Worth of Good Music

Jax and I took this past Friday off work to join my family in Destin, Florida for the weekend, and our eight-hour car rides (to and from) sounded something like this:

Beach Bound:

1)      The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You
2)      Lucero – Lucero
3)      The Beatles – Abbey Road
4)      Cake – Prolonging the Magic
5)      Wilco – A Ghost is Born

Homeward Bound:

1)      Mason Jennings – Bonnaroo, This Tent, 06/14/08
2)      The Avett Brothers – The Gleam
3)      The Beatles – Abbey Road (it never gets old)
4)      Gomez – Liquid Skin
5)      Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
6)      The Doors – The Doors
7)      The Doors – Strange Days

During the majority of the drive, the music served more as background noise than the main event, although we occasionally ceased our chatter to sing a few lines, discuss the meaning of certain lyrics, or marvel over how moving good music can be.

As I flipped through my CD case considering our next round of tunes, a thought occurred to me. Where on God’s green earth have all of my CDs vanished off to? While my collection has grown over the years, it seems that a few essentials have somehow dropped off along the way. Handfuls of them have no doubt ended up in various college roommates’ hands, as is inevitable when living in close quarters. I also tend to be overly generous with my CDs, lending them out without considering the logistics of the return. All of that on top of the fact that I have a knack for disorganization makes for a thinner CD case. So if you have any of my albums, let’s swap!