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Shout Out to Penny

Penny, as I affectionately refer to my vehicle, is my trusty sidekick. Penelope when something significant happens – like that time she was assaulted by an oblivious truck, or when she miraculously made it to Knoxville on one tank of gas, or when she refused to let me inside the car despite the fact that my keys were in the ignition, my cell phone was in the cup holder, and I had to be at work in less than ten minutes (how rude!). Despite that isolated incident, she is loyal and faithful, and I have her efficiency to thank for the multitude of road trips she has fostered. My active lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without her.

Penny and I have spent countless hours together, and I owe her deep gratitude for putting up with my many faults. She doesn’t complain that maintaining an immaculate car isn’t very high on my priority list; I think she’s even come to prefer the lived-in conditions I subject her to. Makes her feel useful. She transports all of my gear to and fro without complaint, and she graciously welcomes passengers (and if you’ve ever ridden in my car, you know she’s a stickler about wearing seatbelts). She appreciates my dreadful attempts at singing along to my favorite songs, and she thinks it’s normal that I shamelessly talk to myself while driving. She doesn’t mind going several months between baths, she loves the open road, and she really enjoys camping (she told me so).

I know Penny will not feasibly be in my life forever, but I want her to be a part of it as long as possible. I love having a vehicle with such low gas mileage, and I love that I paid off my car years ago. If we can support this fruitful friendship (and no car note) another 5 years, I will be none the happier. Thus, I had zero qualms with recently forking over several hundred dollars on her 75,000 mile checkup, her fuel injection system, and her power steering flush. Gotta pamper my little lady if I want her to stick around for all the upcoming fun, right?