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Filling Sandbags at the Pyramid

As the Mississippi¬†River continues to rise and the threat of flooding becomes more imminent, volunteers are being recruited to help fill sandbags at the Memphis Pyramid. Since I’ve been working from home this past week, my flexible schedule allowed me to get down there¬†Friday afternoon to lend a helping hand.

Immediately upon arrival, my buddy Philip and I were told to find a spot and make ourselves useful. We joined forces with another volunteer and formed an assembly line of sorts. Philip held open the bags, the helper scooped two shovel fulls of sand into each…

…and I tied them off and tossed them into the ever growing pile. The key is to tie the bag near the top so that it will lie flat when put into place. Overfilled bags and bags tied too low leave gaps in the sandbag levee allowing water to seep through, and we can’t have that. This is very methodical stuff, you see.

We developed a steady rhythm and continued filling bags until the pile of sand disappeared, was replenished, and dwindled away again. Henry Ford would have been proud.

The effort was a success, and it felt good to get our hands dirty for the sake of the city.

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