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A Brief Jaunt to Cannon Beach

We decided to celebrate our independence by spending Fourth of July on the west coast, so we rented a car and drove the scenic route to Cannon Beach. The 1.5 hour journey over was just lovely; Highway 26 is a gift from God. The sun was shining bright, and the trees formed such a gorgeous canopy over the road that I was practically drooling. It’s official – I am malnourished in the tree department; I need more stately trees in my life.

Upon arrival to the quaint coastal town, we ate a seafood lunch, then kicked off our flops to walk along the beach. I’m not sure what I expected, but the wind was cool and the sand was surprisingly soft. We frolicked on the beach for a while, taking in our first ever encounter with the west coast. The water was too cold to swim (notice the hoodies), but we did dip our feet in just for the sake of touching the Pacific Ocean.

The most significant landmark on the shore was Haystack Rock, which towered 235 feet above the shoreline.

After we fulfilled our beach fix, we walked through town sharing ice cream cones, when we came across this precious canine, of which I am now obsessed. I want him. I need him. I can’t go on without him. I’ve already picked out a name.

(The dog, not the ferret, in case there was any question.) 

Eventually we headed back towards Portland, stopping on the side of the road to admire the view of Mt. St. Helens in the distance. This is one of the many things I loved about Portland – in almost any direction you look at any given time, you are surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and topography. Yes, please.

We rounded out the evening by meeting a friend for dinner and fireworks at the Waterfront, then called it a (wonderful) night.

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