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May Taught Me

  1. I wish I had sheets made of Ranunculus.
  2. For those of you who didn’t work a brief stint at a florist and therefore aren’t quite sure what Ranunculus is, I’ll have you know it is quite possibly the softest flower in existence.
  3. The more carrots I eat in one sitting, the less I like them.
  4. It is highly inadvisable to get your oil changed the day you wake up with a mysteriously painful crick in your neck that prevents you from turning your head to the left, therefore making it virtually impossible to interact with the service tech at your window.
  5. The first letter of every continent’s name is the same as the last: America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. I like this.
  6. One tablespoon is equivalent to three teaspoons.
  7. Blackberries and almond butter heated in the microwave for 20 seconds is my new favorite treat.
  8. Cory Branan’s new album, Mutt, is a musical masterpiece.
  9. Riding your bike from downtown to midtown to see a movie makes the movie that much better.
  10. I’ve written fewer blog posts this month (a measly three) than any other since I started this thing 29 months ago. Sorry about that.

April Taught Me

  1. Wrap dresses and windy days = not a good combination.
  2. Eating dinner directly before playing an intense soccer game is not the most agreeable situation.
  3. The state of Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings Time. Rebels.
  4. Those catchy songs that get stuck in your head in an aggravating loop are called earworms.
  5. Record books no longer recognize “youngest” feats.
  6. A couple minutes lounging in the steam room after an intense yoga session is a magical combo. Must do that more often.
  7. The Olympic Marathon course has more than 90 turns.
  8. Friendship bracelets are just as meaningful now as they were when I was 12.
  9. It is illegal to kill honeybees in the state of Tennessee. My grandmother learned this the hard way.
  10. It takes a whole new level of coordination to kick a soccer ball with your nondominant leg.

March Taught Me

  1. Cilantro and coriander come from the same plant.
  2. The Godfather is the longest freaking movie ever. But so good.
  3. Pizza crust dipped in honey is divine.
  4. I am a machine when it comes to lunchtime productivity. Four crucial errands in one hour – BAM.
  5. Yoga is not just stretching, people. It can be hardcore if you have the right instructors.
  6. The pastor of my church is leaving to pursue missions work in Ethiopia. I’m thankful for his obedience to the Lord, but so sad to see him go.
  7. Sunshine and movie days with my mom are the perfect way to close out the week.
  8. I did not win $640 million dollars this weekend.
  9. So far, the Harry Potter movies are better than I thought they’d be.
  10. I can’t wait for the Downtown Farmers Market to open this Saturday.

February Taught Me

  1. At long last, Grand Canyon National Park has banned disposable bottled water.
  2. I have three different kinds of peanut butter in my desk drawer. This is getting a little ridiculous.
  3. I need to learn how to play the fiddle.
  4. You should check out Marcel the Shell on YouTube if you haven’t already.
  5. Not everybody prefers crushed ice to cubed ice. This baffles me, but it seems to be so.
  6. I’m very fond of Game Flow charts.
  7. Watching a concert from a cave 333 feet underground is undoubtedly one of the coolest places ever to watch a show. 
  8. Hotel fitness centers really should open more than an hour before check out time. Duh.
  9. Leap Day is the 60th day of the year.
  10. The Civil Wars are ridiculously talented, and they do the most excellent rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”.

January Taught Me

  1. We Bought a Zoo is such a sweet movie. The soundtrack isn’t too shabby either.
  2. Sometimes you just can’t do it all.
  3. The first time the word love is mentioned in the Bible, it tells of how much Abraham loves his son Isaac.
  4. I do not like chevron patterns. They just don’t do it for me.
  5. Pinterest is a black hole and has very nearly taken over my life.
  6. I officially won my NFL Pick ’em Pool. Victory is mine!
  7. There is no such thing as too many blueberries in your cereal.
  8. I greatly dislike signing my name several consecutive times in a row. I put too much thought into it, and things get sloppy.
  9. I never know the answer when people ask how tall I am. Now I do. I am 5’5.5″.
  10. Tying Figure-eight knots makes me happy.

December Taught Me

  1. There is such a thing as freezing fog.
  2. You can switch your Facebook language to upside down. Because that’s practical.
  3. Ruths Chris petit filet cooked rare is exquisite; it’s like velvet. And the cheesecake dessert. Get in my belly.
  4. There’s something about cleaning out my purse that instantly makes me feel more organized.
  5. Milk chocolate just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Dark is better.
  6. The New Orleans Jazz Festival lineup is amazing.
  7. My iron is low. Again. Feed me raisins.
  8. The Hunger Games is phenomenal. Couldn’t put it down.
  9. For the 2011 Festival events, Memphis in May generated an economic impact of $76,506,384 supporting 939 jobs. Good stuff.
  10. Jax and I met 6 years ago today.

November Taught Me

  1. The frequency with which I reference the Dewey Decimal System is unusual and abnormal.
  2. Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time.
  3. Sometimes your cell phone service provider will give you a new charger for free, and it will make your day.
  4. The area code for the state of Hawaii is (808).
  5. I have mastered the complex process of putting the top on a 2-door soft top Jeep Wrangler.
  6. My boyfriend cooks a mean turkey.
  7. Drinking Kona coffee makes me wish I was back in Maui.
  8. I despise Black Friday, but Cyber Monday is where it’s at.
  9. 22 uninterrupted hours of travel is (surprisingly) not as bad as it sounds.
  10. I need to own more jackets.

October Taught Me

  1. My socks rarely match, and I am not ashamed.
  2. Chocolate Cheerios aren’t nearly as good as you would think. It’s disappointing.
  3. Calling (781) 452-4077 will put you through to the Hogwarts Hotline. From there, you can learn more information “directly” from Hogwarts. It’s true; try it for yourself!
  4. My accountant makes my life so much easier.
  5. Shane Battier’s favorite movie is The Big Lebowski. As if I needed any more reasons to like him.
  6. Petrichor is the scent of rain on dry earth.
  7. The world’s population is expected to hit 7 billion on October 31. Today. BAM.
  8. Penny looks pretty stylish with her new hubcabs. Huge transformation.
  9. It just occurred to me that I have not had one piece of candy to celebrate Halloween, and I am largely ok with that.
  10. Never thought I’d say this, but yoga is beginning to grow on me.

September Taught Me

  1. I forgot how much fun pop rocks are.
  2. My interest in football is growing at an exponential rate.
  3. I have mastered the skill of clearing a diving mask while underwater.
  4. It’s ok to eat a Lean Cuisine for breakfast and another for lunch when you’ve run out of “real food” and don’t feel like going to the grocery store.
  5. My life would be in shambles if it weren’t for my productive lunch breaks.
  6. Sometimes you just have to splurge and buy a gorgeous quilt, even when you aren’t in the market for one.
  7. Cajun Catfish Company has the most delicious Sunday brunch. It’s true.
  8. In all, 27 of the Memphis Tigers’ 31 regular-season basketball games are slated for television.
  9. Defying all odds, I scored a run in both softball and kickball in the same week.
  10. Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant. Just saying.