Maps Are Cool

I have suddenly become overtaken with an unexplainable interest in maps, specifically maps that have a creative spin to them. I’m not sure what triggered this strange behavior (this is how my zany mind operates), but I now find myself scouring the internet for unusual interpretations of maps. So I’ll share, and maybe you’ll develop an insatiable desire for more maps in your life too.

We’ll start with a typographic map of the United States:

Then there’s this one, which presents each state as the title of a famous movie that took place there:

And now one that depicts each state by its license plate:

Moving along to a wider scope, we have this gorgeous watercolor illustration of the world:

Watercolor World Map Illustration: Earth in Technicolor print

A typographical layout:

And lastly, this incredible portrayal of the leading economic and social themes in each area.

Pinned Image

Now try and tell me that wasn’t fun.


One thought on “Maps Are Cool

  1. 50 States Design Project says:

    More than cool. Maps are awesome!

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