December Taught Me

  1. There is such a thing as freezing fog.
  2. You can switch your Facebook language to upside down. Because that’s practical.
  3. Ruths Chris petit filet cooked rare is exquisite; it’s like velvet. And the cheesecake dessert. Get in my belly.
  4. There’s something about cleaning out my purse that instantly makes me feel more organized.
  5. Milk chocolate just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Dark is better.
  6. The New Orleans Jazz Festival lineup is amazing.
  7. My iron is low. Again. Feed me raisins.
  8. The Hunger Games is phenomenal. Couldn’t put it down.
  9. For the 2011 Festival events, Memphis in May generated an economic impact of $76,506,384 supporting 939 jobs. Good stuff.
  10. Jax and I met 6 years ago today.

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