Foundation of Foundations

I know I keep talking about Genesis, but y’all, it’s that good! How can I keep to myself something so astounding that it reveals the very threads of existence?! It would truly be wrong not to share. I’m paraphrasing from Henry Morris’ The Genesis Record when I say that Genesis 1:1 is the foundational verse of the Bible, undoubtedly contains the first words ever written, and is surely the most widely read sentence ever recorded.

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

These ten small words define the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, and they are packed with meaning. To quote Mr. Morris:

It has often been pointed out that if a person really believes Genesis 1:1, he will not find it difficult to believe anything else recorded in the Bible. That is, if God really created all things, then He controls all things and can do all things.

Furthermore, this one verse refutes all of man’s false philosophes concerning the origin and meaning of the world:

  1. It refutes atheism, because the universe was created by God.
  2. It refutes pantheism, for God is transcendent to that which He created.
  3. It refutes polytheism, for one God created all things.
  4. It refutes materialism, for matter had a beginning.
  5. It refutes dualism, because God was alone when He created.
  6. It refutes humanism, because God, not man, is the ultimate reality.
  7. It refutes evolutionism, because God created all things.

End quote.

And that’s only verse one!


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