What I’m Loving Wednesday

Today, amidst a frantically busy schedule, I pause to consider the things I am thankful for right at this very moment.

I am loving The Genesis Record by Henry Morris. I recently mentioned that I am moving deeper and deeper into a study of the first book of the Bible, and this is one of the tremendous resources helping me do so. One of my dear friends let me borrow this massive commentary about Genesis, and it is just incredible. It is written with a highly scientific and theological emphasis and gives so much detail, explanation, and background to some of the Bible’s hardest questions, all the while showing Genesis to be literally and historically accurate throughout. I’m only in Chapter 2, and I am already enthralled.


I am loving that I currently hold the first place title in my NFL Pick Em Pool league. We’re 7 weeks in, and I’m going strong. Now I’ve just got to maintain for the duration of the season, and that’s certainly easier said than done. Just in case I fall from the top, though, I wanted to make sure to document this amazing feat.


I am loving the Avett Brothers, though this sentiment isn’t regulated strictly to this week; I continually feel this way. They are on my mind today in particular because I get to see them this weekend in Nashville, and I am SO excited! From the moment I first heard their music, Avett instantly became one of my favorite bands, and the more of their discography I discover, the more I like them. Exceptionally talented fellows, they are.


And lastly, I am loving that tonight is another baseball night. Game 6 of the World Series, and the Cardinals better be in it to win it. Everything is riding on tonight’s performance, so fingers crossed that they bring their best to the field. Game starts at 7:05pm.

What about you, what are you loving this week?

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