50 Half Marathons in 50 States

Today is the day I go public with my latest endeavor, and that is to run a half marathon in every state. Fifty half marathons in fifty states before I’m fifty years old. It’s lofty, sure, but not insurmountable.

I have heard of the concept before, but never had I thought to consider it as an option for myself. Until recently, that is. My interest came about by accident, really. I was searching the internet for some non-running-related information about a particular locale and landed on an alphabetical listing of all the U.S. states. Coincidentally, my half marathon training spreadsheet also happened to be open on my desktop. I saw the two side by side, and it just clicked. I love running and I love traveling; merge the two together, and you have the birth of a new goal.

I’m not attacking this venture with a vengeance and trying to accomplish it in a speedy rampage. Instead, I plan on knocking off the states at my leisure and when opportunities present themselves. The feat will surely take several years, and I am 100% comfortable with that.

I’ve outlined a handful of guidelines, just to give myself some parameters to work within:

  1. Each race must be 13.1 miles at minimum; however, races above this mileage are accepted and encouraged. So long as you have completed at least a 13.1 mile race in a particular state, you have satisfied your requirement for said state.
  2. The race must be an official event, meaning that it was publicly announced in some form of media, such as a newspaper, website, magazine, running publication, or race brochure and of which official verifiable results are maintained and/or published to the general public. Translation: a solo long run isn’t going to cut it.
  3. The race must be completed without interruption. As challenging as they are, relay races that break your running stints into smaller increments do not count.
  4. You must officially complete the race. Gotta make it across the finish line. Note that you must be officially signed up for a race in order to officially complete it. No banditting, please.
  5. Running a race that crosses borders of more than one state will count as satisfying only one state requirement.  It’s flexible though; you pick whether it’s the location where the event started or finished.

There, I believe I’ve covered all the main points.

Anybody who would like to play along with me, by all means, join in on the action. I would love for my running buddies to accompany me on races across the country both near and far. You can adopt my very official regulations, or create your own more suitable to your taste. It’s your goal, after all.

Let’s do this.


What do you think?

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