Fun in Six Flags St. Louis

Remember when I promised you I would share more about my St. Louis trip? Well the time is nigh, my friends. Now that I’ve made you wait in anticipation for several weeks, I feel I can at long last wrap up the St. Louis recaps. This post revolves entirely around Six Flags, and who doesn’t want to read a detailed account of fun at an amusement park while sitting at their desk on a Friday afternoon? That’s what I thought, so let’s jump on in.

You can’t really go to St. Louis without dedicating a portion of your visit to Six Flags, so we did what any respectable tourist would do and spent a full 13 hours there. If a little is good, a lot is better, right? Of course it doesn’t hurt that we all love rollercoasters and hadn’t experienced the joy of riding one in entirely too long. So, we arrived early and headed straight for the Batman immediately upon entry. We only waited probably 20 minutes before zipping through five head-over-heels loops and a zero-gravity roll with our feet dangling in the air. Let’s get this party started!

Next, we rode the newest addition to the park, the SkyScreamer, then hit the Screaming Eagle rollercoaster. From there, we hopped in line for Superman, which is in my opinion the scariest ride there. Not that I’m complaining. I love that stomach drop feeling, and the Superman is most certainly in the business of providing it. The machine slowly draws you higher and higher upwards to a surely unsafe 230-feet, then suspends you in air for an agonizingly long wait, toying with your emotions. Just as the anticipation becomes almost too much to bear, you are dropped in a 60 mph free fall. The descent is so fast, it absolutely takes your breath away.

We then came across what turned out to be my favorite roller coaster of the day, The Boss. It is a wooden coaster (the best kind, if you ask me) and is seemingly endless, super fast, and boasts great hills. Just when you think the ride should be coming to an end, it starts another series of crazy turns. So. Much. Fun. At this point, we decided to break for lunch. We came prepared with a smorgasbord of sandwiches and snacks packed in the car for exactly this purpose, and I’m telling you, this is the way to do it. You are saved from eating the overpriced junk at the amusement park and get a chance to recuperate before returning to the fun.

We picked things back up in Hurricane Harbor, where we rode pretty much every water slide multiple times. After our hands were sufficiently wrinkled, we headed back to the park for another dose of rollercoasters. We started at the Ninja, which was fair but not worth elaborating on. We then went to Mr. Freeze, where we endured our longest but totally worthwhile wait of the day. The Six Flag’s website describes the coaster as such:

Mr. Freeze uses super-cool new linear induction technology to catapult you from zero to 70 mph in about four seconds. You’ll blast out of a 190-foot icy tunnel and travel through 1,382 feet of track at spine-chilling speeds, twists, and turns. Then do it all over again – in reverse.

From there, we may or may not have hit a couple other rollercoasters (it’s fuzzy now), but I’m certain we took another visit to The Boss. Wouldn’t forget something that awesome. Gave Xcalibur a try, and I can honestly say it’s the worst ride I have ever been on. Sure, it spins and catapults, but it doesn’t offer an ounce of fun; it just makes your brain hurt. By this time, we were exhausted from the day’s excitement and only had about 20 minutes until the park closed, so we rode one last twisty rollercoaster then called it a night.

 A very, very good one, at that.

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