Silent Auction Action

Just recently, I bid on several items in the Rock 4 Love silent auction benefitting the Church Health Center, and I have to say, silent auctions are the coolest. The fun part: Not only did I participate in some back-and-forth bidding combat, but I actually won several of the items I had my eye on. Even better: I paid amazingly discounted prices for my winnings! Score! Here’s a list of the loot I walked away with:

    1. Amy Lavere Complete Works Package. Includes her newest album, Stranger Me, in vinyl, CD, t-shirt, mask, and poster form, an Anchors and Anvils CD and t-shirt, the Died of Love EP, and a This World is Not My Home CD, everything autographed by the songstress herself. While I already own a handful of these items, that doesn’t stop me from wanting needing duplicates. For a mere $25, yes please.
    2. $25 Kooky Canuck Gift Certificate. For only $11, why not?
    3. $25 South of Beale Gift Certificate. Again, same story. For less than half of the face value, how could I not go for it?
    4. 2 Tickets to Minglewood Hall for $20.  If you have read my blog for even a second, you’ve probably picked up on my live music addiction. Although I’ve made an effort to cut back on the don’t-desperately-have-to-see shows, there are still tons of good acts out there, and given that Minglewood routinely hosts some of the best concerts in the city, it would have been imprudent for me not to bid on these.
    5. Ardent Records Gift Set.  This was all Jax, who was immediately drawn to the signed Big Star/John Davis Live Tribute to Alex Chilton 7-inch. He also got a couple t-shirts and miscellaneous Ardent items, and I scored a tote bag out of the deal. And a girl can never have too many tote bags, right?
    6. Custom-Made Bicycle from Revolutions. My most treasured prize. As much as I would like another bike, I have a fully functional Trek (currently in the shop), so I made the executive decision to dedicate this one to Jax. We have big riding plans for the future, and now they can come to fruition. How fun!

Fact #1: I did not buy anything that I wouldn’t have purchased anyway, so from that stance I actually saved money. That’s how I like to think of it, anyway.

Fact #2: You should participate in this auction next year so you can get lots of neat stuff, too.

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One thought on “Silent Auction Action

  1. keepitcrafty says:

    I hate I was out of town and missed this! You got some good stuff!

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