On the Road Again

This time, I’m heading south for some fun in the sun. Except this year, for the first time since college, I’m able to join my clan for the majority of the trip, and I am just plain excited. My solo road trip officially began at 2:12pm yesterday afternoon, and below I give you chronological key points from my solo drive.

  • Musically, the road trip began with the I Am Sam soundtrack. Forgot how much I love the song “Two of Us”, Rufus Wainwright’s rendition of “Across the Universe”, and Eddie Vedder’s “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”. Oh, and Ben Harper’s rendition of “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Swoon.
  • Get stuck behind a slow-moving police car nobody wanted to pass. Decided to break away from the pack and lead the movement, all the while still going under 70mph. Felt like a rebel.
  • Next up was Coldplay’s X&Y album, which has some select good songs, but I still contest just doesn’t compare to the masterpiece that is A Rush of Blood to the Head. With the exception of X&Y’s bonus track, “Til’ Kingdom Come”, which I will stand by forever as one of my favorite songs. I listened to it eight times before changing the CD.
  • My printed directions mistakenly led me to believe that Tupelo was where Birmingham should be, and I thought I had miraculously time warped across the state of Mississippi. Then I realized I still had approximately six more hours to go.
  • Jammed to The Decemberists’ newest album.
  • Enjoyed Mumford & Sons to the fullest. Always do.
  • Made it to Birmingham just in time for 5 o’clock traffic, yippie!
  • Gave Monsters of Folk a whirl. It usually takes me a few full listens to make a determination when trying out an artist, so I haven’t formed an opinion yet. I got about halfway through, then switched to Chris Tomlin because I was in the mood to praise God. Yesterday, after a difficult pregnancy and through the grace of God, my cousin welcomed a precious baby girl into this world. Holding that sweet baby just minutes after her birth was like holding a tiny little miracle in my hands, and I am overflowing from God’s goodness.
  • Finished off two pounds of grapes before sundown.
  • Crossed over Florida state lines!
  • Drove down a pitch-black deserted two-lane highway for an hour with no cell phone signal and dwindling battery life. Refused to think about scary movies.
  • Rolled down the window, smelled that distinct beachy smell, and knew that I was moments away from the condo.
  • Pulled into the driveway at 9:57pm and was greeted at the door with a bowl of ice cream. Yay, vacation!

If you stuck around this long, I’m impressed. Thanks for making sure I made it safely!


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