July Taught Me

  1. It is proper protocol to disarm the house alarm *before* letting the dog out. I learned this the hard way.
  2. I have been obsessed with all things lemon-flavored this month.
  3. Apparently my library account expires annually. I’m assuming this is a new policy, as I have been an account holder since toddlerhood and have never encountered this before.
  4. Sometimes you’ve just got to have ice cream for breakfast.
  5. The recommended maximum dose for Extra Strength Tylenol is being reduced to six tablets a day from eight. Acetaminophen is destroying our livers, people. Well, not so much my liver, as I refuse to take medicine unless it is absolutely necessary, but other people’s. Maybe yours.  
  6. Chai tea latte is one of my favorite morning drinks. Or evening. Or whenever.
  7. I prefer to be in bed before 10:30 on work nights. Doesn’t always (or even usually) happen that way, but man it feels good when it does.
  8. According to Jax and I, my cell phone’s GPS lady is named Francine. Fran when she is behaving.
  9. Mud Island Ampitheatre is one of my favorite outdoor concert venues.
  10. Every time I see a cardinal, I think of my grandmother.

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