Portland is Amazing

Portland was good to us. Like really, really good.

Over the next couple weeks, I plan on sharing several posts about our trip and all of the wonderful activities we enjoyed, but in order to do so I must first collect my thoughts, reflect on the hustle and bustle of the vacation, and sift through the multitudes of pictures we took. I probably took 30 of trees alone. I adore trees, and Portland is covered in them. 

I meant to start this whole process yesterday, but there’s something about catching the red-eye out of Portland at 11:00pm, “sleeping” in an upright position, arriving in Memphis at 7:44am, and then heading directly to a full day at the office that makes you want to nap after work, wake up for a run, and then fall back asleep for the rest of the night. I plan on delving into my little project this weekend, but between house sitting, my Mema’s funeral (she’s no longer suffering, she is restored, and she gets to join my grandfather in Heaven), and the other activities (and non-activities, like resting and lounging poolside) on my calendar, things might be a bit slow-moving.

Just a heads up that our Oregon travel stories are in the works and will be forthcoming at my earliest convenience.

Have a great weekend, folks!


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