April Taught Me

It’s been a busy week, and I forgot to tell you guys what I learned in April! Shame on me for leaving you hanging like that. And now, without further ado – I know you have been waiting patiently – I give you my latest tidbits of knowledge:

  1. The best days to snag moving boxes from the liquor store are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  2. My parents have had a copy machine at their house for over a year, and I’m just now discovering this.
  3. I get a 23% discount off of my cell phone bill thanks to my place of employment.
  4. A double shot of espresso makes me absolutely wild.
  5. If you absent-mindedly drop all the mail you just received into a post office box, it will eventually find its way back to you again.
  6. Apparently I like coconut more than I thought I do.
  7. Watching the Grizzlies win playoff games is the best. I assumed this would be true, but haven’t had the pleasure of confirming so until now.
  8. Mango is an absolutely decadent fruit. Perhaps my new favorite, even.
  9. Mumford and Sons puts on an incredible live show.
  10. Chocolate chip waffles are a necessary part of Easter brunch, and the perfect treat after a 40 day fast from chocolate.

What do you think?

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