Grizzlies for the Win

I have been waiting ten years for this, and I am ecstatic!!

The Grizzlies moved from Vancouver to Memphis in 2001, and my family has been season ticket holders ever since. We’ve been to countless games, witnessed devastating losses, and shared in victorious triumphs. We watched Pau Gasol flail across the court. We saw Stromile be Swift and Posey posting up. We cringed as J Will acted like a punk, and cheered when Mike Miller rained threes. We celebrated as Coach Hubie Brown took his team to their first playoff appearance. We grieved for Lorenzen Wright. We’ve watched Shane Battier come and go (and come back again!). We ached as the Grizzlies got swept not once, not twice, but thrice, in postseason playoff games.

More recently, we applauded as our current team grew into a powerhouse. We acquired my man Z Bo. Marc Gasol improved and committed to solid defense. Shane Battier returned to open arms. We’ve got Tony Allen of heart, grit, and grind legend. Insert Darrell Arthur, Mike Conley, Sam Young, who’s your Haddadi, Xavier Henry, Vasquez, Powe, Ish, and O.J. Mayoooooo. Add Rudy Gay, who is sidelined with an injury but not forgotten, and you’ve got yourself a team to be reckoned with.

And now, a decade later, we get to watch our beloved Grizzlies shine. Longtime Grizz fans have been rewarded for years of loyalty with three playoff wins to date. And in some cases (Game 4, ahem) not only did the Grizz win, they dominated. The games in the Spurs vs. Grizzlies series have been thrilling, and the Forum crowd has been electric. Never before have the Grizzlies games been so packed or so loud, and it is a great thing for the city of Memphis. And as is always the case, now that the Grizz are a hot commodity, everyone wants a piece. But bandwagon or not, it is nice to see this city finally get behind their team. They deserve it.

And for those of us who have been Grizz fans from the beginning, these wins are especially sweet.


What do you think?

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