Playoff Bound

My Memphis Grizzlies are heading to the playoffs, and I am ecstatic!

I can remember SEVEN YEARS AGO watching the Grizzlies playoff games in my college apartment, screaming for victory like a crazy woman. We were playing the San Antonio Spurs, and we didn’t win a game that series. Not a single one.

The Grizzlies had a couple more lackluster playoff appearances, but nothing in the past five years. And now, being a faithful fan through these rollercoaster years has finally paid off. The Grizz are back, and they are up against the Spurs again. I no longer abhor the San Antonio team, as time heals all wounds, but I reeeeeally hope they don’t advance this time around. I am a Grizzlies fan through and through, and I cannot WAIT to watch them win their first playoff game in franchise history. I can just feel it.

*fingers crossed*

The rudimentary playoff schedule has been announced, and I share it with you here. Mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

San Antonio vs. Memphis
Game 1 – Sunday April 17, Memphis at San Antonio, 12:00 p.m, TNT
Game 2 – Wednesday April 20, Memphis at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m, NBA TV
Game 3 – Saturday April 23, San Antonio at Memphis, 6:30 p.m, ESPN
Game 4 – Monday April 25, San Antonio at Memphis, TBD, TBD
Game 5 * Wednesday April 27, Memphis at San Antonio, TBD, TBD
Game 6 * Friday April 29, San Antonio at Memphis, TBD, TBD
Game 7 * Sunday May 1, Memphis at San Antonio, TBD, TBD

What do you think?

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