Urban Dare

Yesterday, my girl Kim and I attacked Urban Dare with a vengeance.

And by vengeance, I mean we had no idea what to expect, what we were getting ourselves into, or how we would fare. We were just looking for some Sunday afternoon entertainment.

And Urban Dare did not dissapoint.

You are perhaps wondering what Urban Dare is. It’s a scavenger hunt-style race comprised of dissecting random trivia clues, traipsing around town in search of answers, and taking silly photos to document your conquests. We competed as the unDARE Dogs, with costume inspiration from this guy:

Before we got started, and unbeknownst to us, there was a costume contest. Out of 70 teams competing, only 3 dressed up, and we were one of them. We didn’t win the contest, but we did get countless honks and cheers as we darted around town with blue capes trailing behind. Blue capes that, might I add, morphed into absolute sweat sacks when the sun was shining.

The race kicked off at Young Avenue Deli, where we were given a list of clues to decipher. In order to figure things out, participants were encouraged to use web browsing capabilities, phone a friend, and/or employ the aid of any other electronic means necessary. Because my phone screen had recently shattered and therefore did little to assist us, we were forced to improvise. The moment we got our clue sheet, we called our standby helpers (thanks, guys!!), quickly got our questions answered, and roughly mapped out a route.

First things first, Kim got down on one knee and proposed marriage to a random. Check.

Clue to our second location: “It’s what kids call the elementary school activity where you bring something from home and explain it to the other kids in class. It’s also a hair salon. Get your picture in front of it.” So we did.

Then we convinced a hesitant girl to do a cartwheel for us, completed a quick Scrabble task, and took a photo in front of the record store that goes by the name of Citizen Kane’s fancy estate.

We continued walking/running across Midtown Memphis, taking pictures as required. After several more stops, we were given the challenge of making balloon animal swords. Turns out this is not my forte. Luckily, Kim was able to twist us up some inflatable weapons, and we headed off to our final stop.

We made it back to home base in 1:44, which made us 7th out of 70 teams. Top 10%! We were excited with our performance, but more importantly, we had an absolute blast while doing it.


2 thoughts on “Urban Dare

  1. Kevin Keefe says:

    glad you had a great time. we’ll be back next year and put it on downtown.


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