Getting There is Half the Fun

Roadtrips are the coolest.

One thing I love about roadtripping is the drive time. Of course I anticipate the destination, and I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t want to end up on the other side, but I must say, I love the getting there part too. To me, it is not wasted hours of dreaded monotony, but an opportunity in itself. It’s a time to converse, to think deeply, to check out a new CD, to let your mind wander, to stop at a gas station and purchase a ridiculous trucker hat for your friend, and to make a random pit stop at a random place in a random town. Who knows? So much possibility, and possibility is my friend.

Jax has become my constant companion on roadtrips, and I cherish those uninterrupted hours of time we spend together in the car. There are few distractions, it’s just our voices logging long hours of conversation and engaging in off-key duets.  Sometimes we enjoy deep and meaningful discussions, sometimes we play little games, and sometimes we have deliriously silly chatter. It depends on the time of day, the distance we have left to cover, and how full my bladder is. I mean think about it, with the whirlwind lives most of us lead, when else do you have three plus hours of unrivaled time to sit and talk with somebody? If you are living my life, the answer is not all that often.

This evening, we embark on a short hop to Nashville to visit amazing, wonderful, cherished friends. We will start this trip with peanut butter and (grape, because I finished off the strawberry yesterday) jelly sandwiches, energy drinks, and a CD case full of good tunes.

Off to adventure! A fun and safe weekend to all!

Blast from the Past: I owned this suitcase as a child. Why oh why did I ever get rid of it?


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