Another Snow Day

So today, thanks to the inches of snow we received yesterday, I am cozied up under a blanket wearing pajama pants and drinking hot pumpkin spice tea out of an oversized Starbucks mug. Oversized mugs are the best. They just feel indulgent, and are so very versatile. They are compatible with hot beverages, soups, scoops of ice cream, and cereal.

When I woke up this morning, I decided to take advantage of my free time at home and clean out a neglected drawer, where I came across these two little gems:

As I sip tea and fondly flip through pictures from my childhood, I ponder my day’s activities.

I will spend time with the blog, obviously, as that’s what I’m currently doing. I’ll simultaneously don my compliance hat and do some research from home. As tedious as wading through regulatory minutia is, there are parts of it I legitimately enjoy. I’m currently preparing a new disclosure document for my firm, and the writer (and, let’s be honest, nerd) in me actually welcomes the challenge.

I’ll also do a load of whites, and maybe even brave the roads for a trip to the gym, as I could stand to get some mileage in before my race this weekend. I’ll catch up on some reading, although what does that really even mean? I have over 50 books in my Kindle queue, which pretty much makes the idea of “caught up” virtually unattainable. But read, I will. And I guess food needs to be somewhere on the agenda. Soon, now that I think about it.

As in, I’m going to make an omelet.

As in, goodbye! Have great days, everybody!

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