2010 Reminiscence

2010 was good to me.

I learned how to surf, played in the snow, went white water rafting, threw my first baby shower, ziplined in the jungle, sat beneath an active volcano, and hiked in the tropical rainforest.  I purchased my first Snuggie, dressed as a mermaid for Halloween, finished 15 books, took my first trail run, and got multiple promotions at work. I won an item in a silent auction, danced at galas, hugged Tarik Black, adopted a Christmas Angel, went whale watching, played in the mud, and contributed to my IRA.  I swam in a guitar-shaped pool, carved a pumpkin, co-hosted a garage sale, and shopped at the farmer’s market.

I also started running again, which resulted in my participation in 12 races of various lengths. I began with some easy 5ks and 10ks, then found myself running a half marathon in dreamy Costa Rica. Figuring that I was already halfway there, I signed up for and ran my first full marathon, a feat that was not even a thought in my head at the beginning of the year. I accomplished personal goals, fed my running addiction, and made a lot of new friends in the process.

I traveled near and far, by car and by plane, and it gave my year such depth. I visited friends in Oxford and Nashville, took a train to New Orleans, watched my Tigers dominate the court in Tupelo, ate pancakes in Ooltewah, boated in Pickwick, hiked in Georgia, lounged on the beach in Destin, enjoyed every minute of Costa Rica, and ran a 200-mile relay from Chattanooga to Nashville. I attended some pretty phenomenal music festivals, marked some big names off my Music Bucket List, and was introduced to some new favorites. And then I discovered the joy of occasionally not being on the road and spending time at home, embracing my family and friends, the rare rest break, and this city I love.

But much more importantly than any one of these items, or all of them combined, I saw God move in some mighty ways, and I was overwhelmed by His goodness. I witnessed my grandmother go to Heaven, the bondage of addiction broken, a valiant fight against cancer, the miracle of a desperate pregnancy, and comfort in the aftermath of tragic deaths. God did this. My faith and relationship with the Lord continue to grow as I learn how awesome my Savior is, and how desperately I need Him, and how precious I am in His sight. My prayer is to be more like Jesus in the upcoming year – to know Him and experience Him in a whole new way, to see things through His eyes, with His compassion and love for others, and to abide in Him with all things.

My life is full, and I am excited to see what 2011 has in store!


3 thoughts on “2010 Reminiscence

  1. Tanis Cooke says:

    Im so proud of you..

  2. Anonymous says:

    catching up on my mel posts. this one is exceptionally lovely. you are simply amazing…and one of my best friends.

  3. minda jo says:

    haha, didn’t mean to be anonymous. love you : )

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