The Art of Gift Giving

As Christmas fast approaches (and fast approach it does), I want to reflect on the art of gift giving. But first I want to reflect on the fact that this year is rapidly zooming by at warp speed. Did we skip a couple weeks of the calendar, or what?!? Where on earth did 2010 go??!

Every year around this time, I’m bombarded with the question: What do you want for Christmas? And every year, my answer is the same: I really don’t have anything in mind. And it’s true. I don’t make a wish list, and I hardly even give an ounce of direction (sorry, loved ones!). I’m just not good at asking for presents, it’s not in my DNA.

On the flip side, though, one of my favorite things about this holiday is the opportunity to GIVE. To me, it is not a chore or obligation. I do not feel burdened by it. In fact, I embrace it.  I enjoy coming up with unique gifts that perfectly complement my friends’ and family members’ personalities. Something that says, “You are worth my putting forth effort, I pay attention to you, and I know what you like.” It’s such an expression of thoughtfulness, such an intimate way to show somebody you care. It is so rewarding to brainstorm a special personalized gift, wrap it with love, and then watch the recipient’s face as they open it. 

Giving is an opportunity to express love, so keep that in mind this year as you are battling the crowds, and later when you are two feet deep in wrapping paper and can’t find the tape because it mysteriously and inevitably goes missing every three minutes!  


What do you think?

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