Mental Diversion

Tomorrow is the big day. After weeks of training, adjusting, fretting, praying, icing, trusting, sweating, and envisioning, marathon day has finally arrived. I’ve read that it’s important to relax and think about anything other than the marathon the day before the big race, and since writing is such a release for me, I’ve decided to use it as an outlet to post on anything other than running.

After I write about running.

AAAHHhhhhhh, I am SO EXCITED!! I cannot believe I am running a MARATHON in the morning! I’m excited, nervous, unsure, and so thankful for all the love, encouragement, and support you guys have given me! All of the cheers from the sidelines are a large part of what will get me through this race. And let me just say, it’s a good thing I don’t run marathons every weekend, because I am unable to focus on ANYTHING else today.

Now that I have that out of my system, here are some miscellaneous ramblings to keep the thing I’m not supposed to be thinking about off my mind.

Grace. I am being increasingly humbled as I learn what God’s grace is, and what it means. Sometimes we like to feel as though we are above God’s grace, that we are pretty good people and really have no need for it. I am learning that is called pride, and it is a slap in grace’s face. We are all depraved humans and we all need grace. I am so thankful for this gift that I didn’t earn and don’t deserve, but that I have been given freely.

The Grizzlies. Currently at 8 – 11, my Grizz have kept me on an emotional roller coaster, as usual. Case in point: they squeezed by with a win against the Lakers on Tuesday night, and then followed it up with a three-point loss to the  Hawks the next evening. They have a knack for making the last two minutes of every game the most intense, histrionic, emotionally frazzling experience possible, but I love them just the same. And I would faint with happiness if they made it to the playoffs this year. Fingers crossed.

Harry Potter. I was resistant for a long time, but last year I caved and read the series, and I was floored. The books are phenomenal. As you get deeper into the stories, you discover that they actually deal with some very adult themes and are loaded with fascinating symbolism and underlying Christian ideals. Having said all of this, am I the only Harry Potter fan who can’t seem to get in to the movies? I watched the first one and half of the second, thought the acting was sub-par, and threw in the towel. All of my Potter-loving friends say that I must give them another try, and I’m willing to do so, I’m just not entirely enthusiastic about it. But I’m on a mission, and this winter I plan on sitting down with Harry, Ron, and Hermione and giving them a chance for redemption.

Nicknames. Remember waaaay back when, when I told you about how my friends have dedicated a sizeable portion of their thought lives to manipulating my name into clever nicknames? Keen souls that they are, they’ve come up with a handful of new ones: Melaroni and Cheese, Melly Bean, Melerella, and if they want to talk, they just call me on the Melephone. If you are lost, read this post  to get up to speed.



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