Am I Really Doing This?

I’m going into the marathon this Saturday undertrained, tenderfooted, and without an inkling of an idea as to how I will do. As promising as this sounds, I’m still optimistic. Perhaps even delusional, as I still envision myself crossing that finish line running on two healthy feet. The reality of it is this: if I complete this marathon without walking, it will be nothing short of miraculous.

Not that I’m not up for the challenge, because I totally am. I am so excited for this marathon. I exceeded my goal of raising $1,000 for St. Jude, I’ve done the training and tapering, and now I’m ready to run this thing!!

Throughout my training, subsequent injury, and forced time off, my expectations for the marathon have evolved. The transformation has looked a little something like this:

1) This distance should not be legal.

2) I just want to finish. That in itself is a worthy accomplishment.

3) I will not walk; I will run every last step of the race.

4) Not only will I run every step of the way, but I will do it at a consistent 10 minute per mile pace.

5) I want my left foot not to explode on or before race day.

6) I hope I am healthy enough to even start the race, let alone finish it.

7) I am going to go out there and have fun. The rest will work itself out on race day.

And the countdown begins. Only 3 days left until I’m lining up in my corral, saying a prayer, and setting out for a comfortable 4 to 5 hour run. Nothing like it.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4:13


5 thoughts on “Am I Really Doing This?

  1. Wade says:

    Totally agree with #7. Can’t wait partner! I’ll try not to slow you down. Oh, and I may have to randomly ask you what song you’re listening to so I can sing to myself when I have nothing else to think about.

    • I’m so excited, Wade, we are going to have a blast! I’ve got Girl Talk on my iPod, and my iPod has a feature that plays the music out loud, so maybe if you’re lucky I’ll share with you and we can dance/run our way across Memphis. Also, I’m a bit of a talker when I run, so maybe we can have some catch up convo as well!

  2. Tanis Cooke says:

    You will do awesome !!!! I have faith in you !!!!

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