Health + Fitness Magazine

Several weeks ago, I was in contact with the editor of Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine, and she asked that I tell her a little about what being a St. Jude Hero is all about. I told her about my St. Jude Heroes team, Miles for Smiles, and described to her the honor of raising money for the hospital and the commitment my team is shooting for. She wanted to include a picture of us in an upcoming issue of the magazine, and she was true to her word, because we can be found by flipping to page 22 of the November issue.

Since you weren’t at our mini photo shoot, and I was, I thought I’d share with you some exclusive never-before-seen footage that didn’t make it to print. Our Heroes team is made up of a group of busy individuals with crazy schedules, so the only time we could coordinate a meet up was at 7:00am on a Tuesday morning.

We chatted.

We posed.

 And we jumped around.

Yes, that’s right, you saw it here first.


One thought on “Health + Fitness Magazine

  1. Mere says:

    Love it. You rock.

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