Last week (or was it the week before?), one of my great buddies had the brilliant idea to throw a paint party, with the end result being a collection of artwork for his new place. Brave soul that he is, Blake decided that he wanted his friends’ art to adorn his bare walls. Never mind the fact that we are amateurs and have never given him much of a reason to think we were capable of such a task. Given these minor details, however, the night was a total and utter success.

A group of nine of us gathered together at ARTjamN at Cooper-Young, channeled our inner creativity, and had a blast creating our masterpieces. Our lovely guide, Maria, gave us a little guidance, a quick introduction to the supplies, and access to all the materials we wanted. Blake gave us zero guidelines, free rein to paint whatever moved us, and told us to get to work. We claimed our easels and got down to business, painting as we had inspriation, mingling when we were at a loss. The hours we spent in the studio were relaxed and inspiring and triggered in me a newfound interest in painting. For in my spare time, right?

Our host, diligently painting:

Here we have Jax in action:

My final product. Minimal, abstract, and textured, just the way I like it. Paint splatters are bonus.  

And a group shot of the starving artists after we had created our visions, admired everybody’s latent artistic talent, and declared that we would have a viewing party once Blake gets the paintings hung.   

The night was a total blast; I highly recommend you go see Maria at ARTjamN and unleash your inner artist!


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