Fishers of Men

This past Sunday, my mother was brave enough to speak in front of the (rather large) congregation of Central Church and share her experience in Haiti this past June. Because she is so amazing, because she is such a beautiful role model, and because I have the best mom in the world, I want to share her words with you below.


Bonjour . 

I am excited to share how God is utilizing our church and the funds that Central has so generously given to the ministry of my dear friend Pastor Wawa to bless Haiti and spread the gospel in his desolate country. I want to thank you for your prayers and support, both instrumental in the success and accomplishments of our trip.  We were able to treat over 1,000 Haitians at three medical clinics and share the gospel with almost 1,500 children during four Vacation Bible Schools.  

This was my first missions trip, and I cannot begin to describe what an incredible journey it was. Before we left, I started teaching myself Haitian Creole so that I would be well-equipped to serve  God.  I soon realized, however, that this trip was not about me and what I or any individual could do, but that it was about the body of Christ and the church working together in unison to serve our Lord and Savior. It was truly amazing to see how God orchestrated and selected our team members – four from Memphis, eight from Maine, and two from California –  as well as Wawa’s staff of ten.  Each member was genuinely connected, humbly using their unique, God-given gifts to accomplish our sole mission….to share the love of Christ.

This is about so much more than just a nine day missions trip.  This is about spreading God’s love around the world.  Last year, some members of our group developed an incredible friendship with Pastor Wawa of Haiti, and amazingly, because of just two short-term missions trips, Central has contributed to the construction of a Christian school for 350 students in Haiti, been the catalyst for a new church birthed the week of our June  trip, and will be the cornerstone in the construction of a church to be built in Wawa’s hometown next spring.

At times it was overwhelming seeing the darkness and despair that prevails over this country, yet at the same time humbling to experience the genuine appreciation for our services and the hope we gave to these people.  I pray that I will never minimize or become callous to their needs.  After 9 days of sharing our faith and seeing God move, most of us were not ready to come home to our seemingly sheltered, somewhat empty, and selfish lifestyles.  Since our return, we are trying to determine where God wants to use us next to reach the needy and lost in our own city.

I want to encourage every one of you  to prayerfully consider going on a missions trip.  I regret that I waited until now to experience my first one.  I was amazed and blessed to witness the commitment and dedication of so many people serving God with such a level of enthusiasm. It was so inspiring to see them share their testimonies, work in the medical clinics and VBS, and run around for hours in 100 degree weather playing with the kids.

I plan on returning to Haiti  and have already begun encouraging my friends and family to either join me or pursue a trip of their own. The Harvest is ripe. Let us continue to sow the seed and be fishers of men.

Thank you and God bless you, or as they say in Creole, Merci ak Bondye Beni ou.


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