Paint a Piece

Last week, my Little Sister and I went on an outing to Paint a Piece to channel our inner artists and create some custom pottery. The idea is this: you select a blank canvas, of which there are tons of options, then use paint, stencils, stamps, your imagination, and creativity to transfer your vision to the fresh pottery piece. The possibilities are endless. Sit me in front of a blank canvas, and I am a happy girl.

Natasha and I decided we would paint plates. As we concentrated on our artwork, we chattered and laughed, seeking each other’s opinion and encouragement throughout the process. We debated which colors we would use, what resources we would employ, who our pieces were for, and what they would say.  Once we were satisfied with our artwork, we left our pieces for the mandatory 3 to 5 days needed for glazing and firing. I have since retrieved our masterpieces and present you with the finished products below:

Predictably, mine is in reference to The Beatles, which just seemed like the right thing to do. Did I mention I’m reading a 983 page Beatles biography at the moment? And that I will have many interesting facts to share with you when I am finished? Just something for you to look forward to.

Natasha decided to make a gift for her mother’s upcoming birthday, and I know she’ll just love it, because how could she not?

I get a deep sense of satisfaction from being involved with art, whatever form that may take, and she had a smile on her face from start to finish, which leads me to believe that we will be adding this activity to our repertoire. If you are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, take a kid in your life to Paint a Piece, and I guarantee fun will be had by all!


2 thoughts on “Paint a Piece

  1. Audra says:

    I love paint-a-piece. I’m planning on having Whit’s b-day party there!

  2. How fun, that sounds like a blast!

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