Mulberry Mountain: Wakarusa 2010

Our Mulberry Mountain getaway was full of outdoor fun and good music. When perusing festival options earlier this year, Jax and I decided on Wakarusa over Bonnaroo. Not because we don’t love Bonnaroo, but because we were interested in trying out an unfamiliar festival and having a different experience. By those standards, Wakarusa was greatness. The heat was at Bonnaroo levels, but the crowds were sizeably smaller. The lineup wasn’t quite as impressive, but we still had a blast listening to music in a setting that contrasted with Bonnaroo’s flat acres: there were lush trees and mountains surrounding us! More than the music, I was digging the nature aspect, so we’ll start with that.

In order to escape the intense heat, we headed to a refreshing little watering hole on Saturday. Though it was a short bus ride away and tucked in the trees, throngs of festival goers discovered this relief and gathered there during the afternoons. We soaked in the water, played on the rapids, and floated on a shared Myrtle the Turtle raft before catching our preferred afternoon shows.

On Sunday, we set out on the Ozarks Highland Trails and hiked to a beautiful secluded waterfall. The hike was by far the most strenuous I have ever attempted, but the gorgeous scenery throughout and the waterfall at the other end was worth it. And the uphill climb back was a fun little challenge, minus the times we feared slipping and rolling back down the mountain.  I love the outdoors, and I love being surrounded by nature; throughout the entire climb, I could not stop marveling at the beauty surrounding us.

Here I am attempting to not fall in the water. The balance beam was never my strong event.

And then there was that whole music thing. We saw several good shows, but my favorite was The Machine, a Pink Floyd tribute band that gives an amazingly authentic Floydian experience. They covered several of my favorites – Breathe, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Eclipse, and Wish You Were Here, just to name a few. They also had an accompanying psychedelic light show, of which I’ve added a couple pictures below:


All in all, we had a wonderful time at Wakarusa and would definitely consider attending next year if the lineup so calls for it. As for the Ozarks, a camping trip back is already in the works!


One thought on “Mulberry Mountain: Wakarusa 2010

  1. Jax says:

    Dude: Didgeridoo!!! fffffffffffffffffff (blowing on instrument)

    Me: Wear it out, dude.

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