2010 Orpheum Movie Lineup

The Orpheum’s 2010 Movie Series Line Up has been released, and I have shared it below so that you may transcribe it into your day planner for easy access and safe keeping. You do keep a day planner, don’t you??

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ~ June 11, 2010
Gone With the Wind ~ June 12, 2010
Philadelphia Story ~ June 17, 2010
North by Northwest ~ June 18, 2010
Caddyshack ~ July 9, 2010
Mary Poppins ~ July 14, 2010
The Godfather ~ July 16, 2010
Back to the Future ~ July 21, 2010
E.T. ~ July 28, 2010
The Sound of Music ~ July 29, 2010
The Wizard of Oz ~ July 30, 2010
Top Gun ~ August 19, 2010
Rocky Horror Picture Show ~ August 20, 2010
Casablanca ~ September 17, 2010

This reminds me of a story. Last year, my friends and I attended The Wizard of Oz showing, and seeing as though I had a Dorothy Halloween costume tucked  in the back of my closet from college, I thought it would be fun to dress the part. I donned my little gingham dress and shiny red shoes, and off to the Orpheum we went. All of the little boys and girls were in awe of me, asking their parents if I was the real Dorothy. This was sweet and touching, sure, until the announcer called the costumed attendees to the stage for a costume contest. A WHAT?!?! I had not signed up for this. You see, I do not participate in costume contests on large stages in front of packed Orpheums. But my entire section was cheering me on, and the little ones thought I was Dorothy in the flesh, and my friends were practically pushing me out of my seat, so I had to. I was really given no choice. Jax walked me down to the stage and sat in the front row, my number one supporter, while I smiled and curtsied in front of a sea of faces. A large sea, mind you. The winner was determined based on crowd applause, and I somehow made it to the final three. I placed either second or third, I really can’t remember now, as the mind tends to block out traumatic experiences. As it turns out, I survived relatively unscathed and ended up having a great time, but beware, if you come dressed in character, there will be consequences!


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