Festival Camping Checklist

In two short days, I’ll be heading west to Mulberry Mountain for yet another music festival, Wakarusa. As such, this gives me two short days to do laundry, take into account every possible weather combination, track down and pack my camping gear, hit the grocery store, gather supplies, and load the car. I am currently on step one of this process, which is not unusual for somebody with my procrastination skills.  As I contemplate which clothing and survival items will make the cut, I am fully aware that I pack with little method and zero rhyme or reason. And there is nothing wrong with that. But with festival season upon us, Wakarusa on the horizon, and Bonnaroo the weekend after, I have decided to make your preparation easier by posting this handy Festival Camping Checklist, which I snagged off the Wakarusa forum. This list is quite detailed and brings up several useful items that could easily slip your mind, especially given all the excitement surrounding these events. To all of my fellow festival goers, I hope this helps make your camping experience that much more comfortable! 

After all, camping is in tents….. (tehe, intense!!!) 

Bonnaroo 2009


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