Mel Takes to the Kitchen

Mission accomplished! I cooked my family dinner, and not only did we avoid any violent physical reactions, but they actually seemed to enjoy it! I give full credit to The Pioneer Woman, who is a delight to get recipes and other cooking advice from. She lays out step-by-step instructions that are perfect for the culinary challenged, documents the progression with gorgeous photographs, and includes hysterical commentary for a fully pleasurable experience. If you haven’t checked out her corner of the web, you absolutely must.

The idea was this: my mother has cooked me thousands of delicious meals in my lifetime, and I decided Mother’s Day would be the perfect time to return the favor. So I rolled up my sleeves, took to the kitchen, and sliced and diced and drizzled and sizzled until I emerged with an edible creation. Below is a picture of my finished product, aptly named Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman herself:

Picture by Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman

For once in my life, mine actually looked like the picture! I modified things a bit and added baked chicken and sautéed red peppers and mushrooms to the mix, but otherwise, there it is in all its glory.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the kitchen and have every intention of flexing my culinary muscles again soon. As in tomorrow night, round two.


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