Surrounded by Love

While sitting around the dinner table tonight with eleven of the beautiful women in my bible study group, my heart swelled with joy. Every single one of those smiles serves as living proof of God’s love. Over the past several years, our group has steadily shifted and changed, always with divine purpose, and tonight as I spent time with the gals that currently make up our group, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Doing life with these ladies – growing deep and meaningful relationships, sharing experiences and stories, and chattering about our days – has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever been a part of. My girls have incredible depth, wisdom beyond their years, faith that is contagious, and are loads of fun. Their encouragement and enthusiasm has been such an immense blessing in navigating through this crazy maze that is known as the twenties.

Three years ago, I was hesitant to join a bible study. The opportunity was there, but I was too busy, and it didn’t fit into my schedule. My life was full, and I couldn’t fathom where I would find the time. I grudgingly attended the first session, and looking back at these excuses, I laugh at how glaringly naïve I was. How could I have thought for even one second that my plan was better than God’s plan? I am so thankful for the guidance toward that first step, for I have learned so mercifully and so gently that His plan and His timing are perfect, and that He placed me with these ladies with exact precision, knowing that their friendship would make my heart smile on a Monday night three years down the road.


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